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We offer lessons that help enhance your vocal and acting performance for being on-stage in a musical. Our Musical Theater lessons are taught by university-trained performers who currently perform in musicals locally, as well as on the national stage. Our instrucors teach all of the proper techniques to train students to sing wisely and project, while not causing damage to the vocal cords. Our production directors also teach methods on characterization, motivation, and movement. The shows will include singing, dancing, dialogue, and solo opportunities! After weeks of preparation, families will be invited to enjoy a performance of the show!

We also have an opportunity to collaborate with these vocal and acting skills with our dance program. Students will have the opportunity to enhance their movement and dance skills that are typically required for students that wish to perform in musicals! It is very important for aspiring theater performers to learn how to sing and dance at the same time. Many vocalists have learned techniques to enhance their singing voice, but typically are used to performing in a stationary position! Our classes offer the opportunity to learn how to put all of these different components together to achieve your performance goals and excel on stage.

These classes are offered for performers of all ages — INCLUDING ADULTS! These classes are extremely fun and entertaining, while at the same time students are learning valuable skills that will follow them as they grow as performers!

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