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There is creativity found inside all of us and we can express it in many different ways. One of those would be through singing, dancing, and acting. Here at the Omaha School of Music and Dance, we offer musical theater classes that will give you exactly that! Whether you’re looking to find a class for you or for your child we have classes for both. There are several different classes offered for musical theater. These include Introductory Musical Theater, Beginner Musical Theater, Intermediate Musical Theater, Advanced Musical Theater, and Adult Musical Theater. Each one ranges in time, but they all give students the chance to learn and expand on their love for music.

Musical theater classes are a great option for any age group. They can allow students to come out of their shells and perform with others. This also gives students the chance to meet new people and make new friends! These classes also help students learn all about the world of musical theater. This means they get to experience the meaning of the class and perform with what they’ve learned in the class. Omaha School of Music and Dance is conveniently located off of 144th and Dodge which makes it easy to commute to and from classes. Throughout the class, students are also given the opportunity to perform on stage every 15-16 weeks!

When students come for their first class in musical theater, they will be welcomed with open arms. Each class is set up for specific levels of musical theater so you or your child will feel comfortable while in the class. Since classes are set up by skill level, teachers will know when you or your child are ready to move up to the next class as their skill progresses. Private music lessons can be great for students as well, but it can be fun to work in a group setting while learning more about music.

Feel free to look at our website for more information about musical theater classes and much more.  You can also call us at 402-515-9639 with any questions about the class! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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