How Can Musical Theater Affect My Child?

What do you imagine when you think about musical theater? Do you think about the actors and actresses that put on the show? What about the beautiful and elaborate set? Or do you think about the blinding lights that look upon you as you set foot onto the stage in front of hundreds of people? Whatever your view of musical theater might be, it is a powerful tool used in communities all over the world to bring people together and to help children develop. Yes – you read that right! Musical theater is an amazing way to bring your child to the next level of their music skills, acting skills, dancing skills, and especially their people skills. Putting your child in musical theater will help them learn everything they need to become successful and thriving for years to come! Here in Omaha, NE, there are many opportunities to become involved in the community through theater. One of the best opportunities, however, lies right here at the Omaha School of Music and Dance. We have the tools, the instructors, the curriculum – everything! We are prepared and determined to give your child the best musical theater experience they can have. But what kind of affect will musical theater have on you child? Let’s find out together with this simple explanation!

Be prepared for a creativity boost! Your child will be working on their acting skills here at OSMD and this is going to drastically increase their thinking skills. They may be working on how to portray a certain character or how this character would react to a certain situation. They may even want to try new things alongside their musical theater classes. This newfound creativity is going to bring about a flexibility to your child that you haven’t seen before. They will be willing to try new things, willing to be more outspoken, and willing to listen! Not only will this new creativity come with flexibility, it will come with an extreme confidence boost. Singing and dancing in front of their peers? Your kiddo will be able to do anything! This confidence boost will help with their self-esteem immensely. This confidence will give them the ability of self reflection – a wonderful tool that helps them look back on what was right and wrong about the choices they have made, whether those be creative choices for musical theater or their own decisions. Creativity, confidence, flexibility, and self reflection are all things to expect when your child enters into the musical theater world – but what else can you expect? What about their dancing skills or music skills?

These amazing personality traits are not the only benefit to putting your child into a musical theater class here in Omaha, NE. They will be learning top of the line skills in dancing, music, and acting. Dance is a fair chunk of musical theater and having the ability to express themselves through physical movement will really get your child out of their shell. Dance is an important skill to have as it teaches the body that it is able to push boundaries while still maintaining its stamina and flexibility and still managing to look graceful. Music is also an impressive and hard skill to learn. Your child will be learning how to read music through theory lessons provided by the musical theater instructor. This will give them the ability to perform all kinds of things, whether it is through voice, piano, or other instruments they decide to move forward with in their musical lives. Although musical theater focuses only on singing and vocal performance, music is a universal language and can be translated throughout many different settings and different instruments. This will follow your child for a lifetime! While working through dance skills and music skills, acting will come into play, too. Acting skills will require memorization, personality, and lots of hard work! Being able to recite lines and act as if you are another person is no easy task, but with the intricate coaching of our wonderful musical theater instructors, you will be able to watch your child blossom in a young actor or actress! If your kiddo is ready and willing and wanting to be a star, then musical theater is the right class for them! These skills will be the key to making a musical theater performance great and all of them can be taught right here in Omaha, NE!

At Omaha School of Music and Dance, we are dedicated to teaching the art of music and dance, whether taught separately or together. We are one of the leading studios here in Omaha with top of the line teachers and students! It is an exciting time in a child’s life for them to choose their passion and their activities! We are here to help guide them into their passion and fuel it. If you have any questions, contact us or give us a call at 402-515-9639! We are happy to help! We can get you registered online, over the phone, or even in person! You can stop by our beautiful facility on the northwest corner of 144th and Dodge for a tour! We are excited to help you and your child reach their dreams!

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