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Jazz Is A More Structured Style of Dance, But Still Fun for Kids at Any Age

Our jazz dance classes are a great foundation for any aspiring dancer because so many forms and styles of dance stem from jazz rhythms and movements. Jazz is a style of dance that is seen in many Broadway-type shows such as “Cats” and “Chicago”. It is a more structured, stage style of dance compared to other styles such as hip-hop. Jazz dancing is fun and entertaining to watch and is a very active dance to participate in. Jazz features a combination of unique moves, intricate footwork, leaps, and quick turns. Jazz will enhance a dancer’s overall grace and balance.

Our jazz dance classes start at the age of 4 and lead to adults. Our pre-teens and teens ranging from ages 10-13 are 45 minutes long and are limited to only 12 students per class. All of our jazz dance classes are kept small so that our students can learn in a more intimate environment without any distractions. All of our instructors are experienced and trained to work with children of all skill levels so your child can flourish and reach their maximum potential. If your child is interested in learning to dance and is not quite sure which style they would like to start with, jazz might be a good option to consider, as it is a perfect blend of exercise, skill, and artistic expression.

Required Dance Wear For Jazz Class

Girls- Leotard w/ skirt (any color).

Boys and Girls- T-shirts/tank tops with lose fitted track, jazz pants, or leggings. No jeans!

Black jazz shoes and indoor cross trainer’s tennis shoes (may not be worn outside).

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