Acro Dance Is an Awesome Activity for Kids of All Skill Levels

Whether you are an athlete, dancer, cheerleader, or just getting started — we are the place for you! We will provide acrobatic jumping and motion training. Our classes focus on specific skills, such as back handsprings and back tucks, as well as general skills and instruction in performance technique and choreography.

Top-Rated Acro Dance Studio in Omaha

Omaha School of Music & Dance has developed fantastic acro dance classes with the help of our amazing instructors. Our acro dance program is designed to teach each athlete and dancer everything they need to know to be a great acrobat. We offer several levels of acro dance classes to ensure the best instruction for each class. The class sizes are smaller for more devoted attention for your child.

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Been looking for acro dance classes near you? Look no further! Omaha School of Music & Dance acro classes introduce students to basic acrobatic skills, such as the forward and backward roll, handstand, bridge, cartwheel, round-off, and back handspring drills. Students will learn to perform all these skills and more in synchronization.

Acro Dance Class Schedule

LevelDayTimeAge Group
Acro I/IIFriday4:45pm-5:25pmYoung Intermediate (ages 6-9)*Cartwheel prerequisite

Required Dancewear for Acro Dance Classes

Girls- Leotard w/ skirt (any color).

Boys and Girls- T-shirts/tank tops with lose fitted track, jazz pants, or leggings. No jeans!

Black jazz shoes and indoor cross trainer’s tennis shoes (may not be worn outside).

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