Sing, Jam, Play!

Is your kiddo trying music for the first time? Are you worried they might not have the attention span for private lessons? Our mix-and-match lessons might just be for you!


In one lesson explore 1 instrument and a mini voice lesson! Every week in their lesson they will grow both skills and get lots of variety in their lesson. This ensures they never get bored and stay engaged every time they come to OSMD. Their instructor will be trained in both their instrument (often ukelele, guitar, or piano) and voice! We can’t wait to work with your young musician!

This is perfect for a 4-6 year old. As they get older we would need to aim for a 45 minute or 60 minute lesson to have enough time to grow and progress in both skills. If they’re hoping to accompany themselves (singing and playing at the same time) they will need to have a lesson truly dedicated to their instrument to master that craft first and can slowly work towards singing at the same time. Learn more about our instrumental lessons to grow towards your goal of accompanying yourself!


This type of lesson is geared towards our kiddos who are wanting to explore more than one instrument!  Whether they want to work on their rock-band skills and learn both drums & guitar or are simply wanting to explore some variety and try piano & ukulele, these Jam & Play lessons would be a great fit.  Their instructor will be trained in both their instruments and will make sure there is enough variety to keep them interested but they are still growing in skill and their love of music!

These lessons are geared toward our students that are 4-6 years old. After that point they will shine best when they dedicate time to each instrument they want to learn in individual lessons. Don’t worry if they have a short attention span our instructors will find great methods of working with your kiddo!

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