Learn to Sing and Play an Instrument at the Same Time

If you or your child wants to learn how to sing and play an instrument at the same time, then our Sing and Play class is a convenient option for you.  The individual components are combined in one class to help your child develop the skills necessary to sing and play an instrument at the same time. These classes are individual in a private one-on-one environment between student and instructor. For these classes, our instructors have formal university training in both singing and playing piano or guitar. However, most of our teachers teaching a Sing and Play class have double-majors in both voices as well as piano or guitar.

Due to the complex nature of this class, we ask that students are at least five years of age if they are choosing to sing and play piano, or at least seven if they are choosing to sing and play guitar because most children younger than seven do not have large enough hands to play the guitar. This class is only offered as a private lesson, these classes are offered for any age.

Whether you are starting from scratch in both an instrument and with vocal lessons, or looking to perfect your techniques and prepare for a performance our staff would love to help! Many of our students like to choose a sing and play class as an option. This helps students to develop the skills as they put them together. Often times when combing both of these aspects, students will elect to extend their lesson time to a 45 minute or 60-minute class.

Our music students will also have an opportunity to perform at our spring recital! This opportunity is to showcase students’ skills that are perfect for learning how to perfect a piece and prepare it for a performance from start to finish. All of our recitals are optional but are highly encouraged. It is a great finale to months of hard work.

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