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The OSMD Philosophy: Where Hard Work Pay Off

If you are looking for music lessons, dance classes, or musical theatre classes, you have come to the right place! Omaha School of Music & Dance was established in 2014, and it is our mission to Change Lives Through Music & Dance. With years of experience in helping our students reach their goals, we have refined our approach to maximize your experience. We offer classes at a variety of times throughout the week so that you can book classes for different children and family members at the same time, saving yourself hours of driving and waiting.

It has been proven that performing arts help to improve motor, reasoning, visual, and verbal skills and keep your brain healthy, and boost your immune system. Music and dance are great tools for people of all ages, and we would like to share those tools with you.

We have music options for kiddos ages 18 months or older, starting with our Mini Musicians class, where preschool-aged students learn the foundations of music through singing songs and playing percussion instruments. We offer music lessons in voice (vocal music), piano, violin, drums, and guitar, as well as many other instruments, for students of all ages, including adults! Our music teachers have university training and are experienced in catering to the needs of our students.

Our dance program starts with kiddos that are 3 years old, and we work with dancers of all ages and skill levels above that! We have a ton of adult dance students who are well into their 30s, 40s, and 50s! We specialize in several styles of dance, including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, acro dance, lyrical, contemporary, and more! Our seasoned dance teachers teach our dancers a variety of skills and techniques that will last them a lifetime!

What if there was a place where in addition to teaching, you and your children can learn the importance of music and dance, that they could also be taught valuable life lessons? What if your investment in music and dance was for far more than just music and dancing?

Omaha School of Music and Dance is proud to bring you

Beyond the Music and Dancing!

From our family to yours, we want to add even more value to your lessons! Each month, our instructors will cover a new “life word” with our students. They will discuss what the word means, and how our students can utilize this life word every day! Here at OSMD, we have a dream of making far much more of an impact on our families than just music and dancing alone. Partner with us to help make an impact on our entire community!

Our Vision

Changing Lives Through Music & Dance

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