How Musical Theater Changes A Child

Musical theater is a very popular genre of music with people of all ages! A combination of acting, singing, and dancing, musical theater is a great tool for a child to explore their interests and talents while also unlocking some crucial communicative skills!

Here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, we offer musical theater classes that help to engage a child or teen with each other and their teacher! You can find out more about our Musical Theater program here. Musical theater can really make a child come out of their shell. It is a wonderful exercise for helping them explore their confidence and their voice. Performing in front of their peers can be nerve-wracking, but doing so is going to teach them they can do things they didn’t know they could do before!

While also boosting their confidence, musical theater will help children improve their communication skills, their fitness, and their friendships! Communication between actors isn’t the only level of communicating these young stars will do, but they will also learn to communicate with an audience – which can translate into communicating with people day-to-day and bring them to a new level of confidence.

Musical theater also requires some dancing, which is always a fun way for anyone to get their heart pumping! While keeping the children engaged, musical theater gives them a creative outlet through dance, which is a healthy way to keep them active and moving. During these lessons, your child will meet many new faces and friends, and while they work together to create a musical scene, they will build lasting bonds with each other, making them more open and accepting of everyone!

All of these wonderful skills can be taught through musical theater and we offer classes for students of all ages right here in Omaha – at Omaha School of Music and Dance! Stop in for a tour today – we are located right off of 144th and Dodge! You can also call 402-515-9639 or Register Today!”

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