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Couples Dancing Lessons for Your Special Day

Counting down the days until you and your partner say “I do”? Cross one thing off your list and come learn your first dance at Omaha School of Music & Dance. Our fun, professional dance instructors will choreograph and teach the perfect routine that fits your vibe.

What do I learn in Wedding Dance classes?

We can teach wedding dance in two ways. You can learn a choreographed routine to your song that is as simple or intricate as you’d like! OR we can teach you basic ballroom skills so you are able to gracefully dance through your reception and as a lifelong skill that will have you dancing at the weddings of friends and family for years to come!

Should I do a choreographed dance? Or freestyle?

If you’re not sure we encourage learning ballroom basics so you can freestyle the day of. I know freestyle seems like such a daunting thing but it’s easier than you know! If you’re nervous sometimes it’s tough for people to remember counts and choreography on such a busy and exciting day! However, choreography can be as easy as you need it to be! We always cater to your vision and can’t wait to deliver the perfect routine to showcase your love to your guests.

When are Wedding Dance Lessons?

Private dance lessons can be scheduled throughout the week or Saturday. Our private dance lessons are 30-45 minutes. Usually, you will need 4-5 lessons to learn everything you’ll need for the big day!

How early should we start?

You should finish learning your choreographed routine the week before your wedding or as close to the day of as you’re comfortable. This way you won’t forget your routine with a long break before your wedding. If you’re learning ballroom basics you can finish your lessons about a month before your wedding!

What about Father/Daughter or Mother/Son dances?

We teach these as well! We are happy to teach any combination of people for their showcase dance and make sure everyone is feeling confident on the big day!

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