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We Offer Adult Dance Classes for Adults of Any Age or Skill Level

This is a group class offered to both women and men. They are geared for beginning recreational students. Classes for more advanced adult students are listed on our schedules as intermediate. Adult classes are offered in ballet, jazz and hip-hop.

Our classes are not only for children; we also offer adult lessons as well. At the Omaha School of Music and Dance, approximately 30% of our students are adults! The great thing about music is that it is never too late to learn and enjoy the benefits that come with developing a new skill set!

Dance classes are available to adults of any age. These lessons are structured and organized for all skill levels, so if you are looking to enhance your skills or you are picking up a new hobby, our classes are designed to help you reach your goals.

Adult students often can appreciate the theory and technique that comes with mastering a new skill and are often more devoted to their weekly practice times. These two elements combined makes it extremely easy for adults to quickly see progress and be able to progress within just a few short weeks!

All of our instructors have experience teaching adults and know that the strategies and techniques change. It is often refreshing for our instructors to work with later beginners and are all very patient and understanding. We know that often times there is a necessary amount of adjustment that needs to be made when teaching different age groups.

Our instructors are always eager to teach adults and are glad to pass along their knowledge and skills to another person and are excited that a person can always begin to learn to dance at any age.

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