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Cool Moves & Quick Spins: We're a Dance Studio with Hip-Hop Dance Classes for Kids & Adults

Interested in learning hip-hop? Are you looking for a fun and athletic activity to get your child involved in? Our hip-hop dance classes here at Omaha School of Music & Dance are the perfect outlet to educate your child on the foundations of hip-hop, while also building self confidence and teaching them strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Hip-hop dance is one of the most popular styles of dancing, and can be performed by dancers of all ages. Movements in hip-hop are less fluid than other dance styles, so it takes a lot of coordination to learn and master this style of dance.

One thing that separates hip-hop dance from other forms of dance? It’s often more improvisational, which allows for more creativity and freedom with movements. Hip-hop is known for its cool moves and quick spins, and is widely known for being featured in popular mainstream music videos and movies.

Feel the Beat: Beginner & Advanced Hip-Hop Dance Classes at OSMD

  • Hip-hop dance classes are for ages 5 through adult
  • Classes are 30-60 minutes, depending on age & class level
  • Class sizes are limited to 12 students per class

We keep all of our dance classes small so our students can learn in a more intimate environment without distraction. Our rockstar dance instructors are experienced and trained to work with children and adults all skill levels, so your child (or you!) can flourish no matter how much previous dance experience they have.

At OSMD, kids as young as 5 can start to learn hip-hop dance. Our Kinder Hip-Hop/Acro Combo dance class is a great way for your kiddo to learn two dance styles in one 60-minute class. They’ll learn the foundations of both styles, how to perform stunts and tricks safely, and put it all together with fun choreography!

Our Level I and Level II kids hip-hop dance classes are perfect for grade schoolers. These high-energy dance classes focus on both the foundations and latest breakdancing tricks and stunts, including jumps, freezes, and isolations. Your dancer will develop endurance, strength, and agility all while having fun!

Have a pre-teen or teen who has taken hip-hop before, or has just recently become interested in dancing hip-hop to expand their dance skills? Our Level III and Level IV kids hip-hop dance classes are great for those who are looking to continue learning and refining their dance skills. These classes will teach your child new movements and techniques that they can continue to build from as they get older and perfect their dance performance.

Ready to learn more or register? Check out our dance schedules for a hip-hop dance class right for you or your child.

OSMD Hip-Hop Dance Classes: Required Dancewear

  • Girls: Leotard with attached or added skirt (any color)
  • Boys & Girls: T-shirts or tank tops with lose-fitting track or jazz pants, or leggings. No jeans!
  • Preferred footwear: Black jazz shoes
  • Acceptable footwear: Indoor cross-trainer tennis shoes purchased for dance only (they may not be worn outside)

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