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We Offer Ballet Classes From Beginner to Advanced for All Age Groups

Our ballet classes help build strong foundations in both dance and movement. These skills help grow dancers for any dance genre. Our teachers train ballet dancers to build strong joints & muscles and develop core strength & balance. All ballet classes are 40 minutes long and work for all muscle groups. We limit our class sizes to 8 students to accommodate getting every student as much dance space and 1-on-1 instruction as possible.

Preschool and Kinder Ballet have a foundational curriculum designed to learn through play! The class is designed to grow children’s motor and social skills in a supportive setting. Our ballet program teaches students to dance at their current level of mental, physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Our teachers guide students through basic ballet movement and positions, while also developing performance skills, classroom etiquette, and a joy for dance.

Ballet I is a class for beginners or younger dancers 7yo+ just beginning their dance journey. This course teaches ballet basics and starts to introduce turns and jumps. Dancers are introduced to the barre and center work and work towards independence at the barre. The curriculum involves proper body alignment, foot articulation, flexibility, musicality, and primary ballet technique. As a student progresses in this class they can excel into Ballet II, a class for the intermediate 7yo+ student.

Ballet III is a class for older students just starting their ballet career. It’s never too late to start dancing and learning the basics! Ballet III is for the 10yo+ dancer who is excited to jump into ballet technique. This curriculum teaches the basics but ties them directly into placement, specific muscle development, turnout, and across the floor. Progression in this class would lead the intermediate students into Ballet IV.

Is your student looking forward to the day they could be in pointe shoes? Our Pathway to Pointe program is designed to help your dancers be flexible and strong enough to get their pointe shoes as soon as they are ready. Our instructors are very dedicated to strengthening ankles and feet, making sure flexibility and body/bone development are 100% ready to take on pointe shoes. Our Pathway program has three levels. Our Bronze League is for dancers 6-8yo who are excited to be in ballet and grow their technique in an additional ballet class. As their maturity and skill grow, our Silver League is for the 8-12yo preparing directly for their pointe shoes by training their legs, ankles, and feet for carrying their body weight. Graduating from this level means getting their Pointe Shoes and transitioning to Gold League. Our gold level is a beginner pointe class for training at the barre in pointe shoes and growing to independent center work!

OSMD has a strong adult ballet program as well, it’s never too late to become the ballerina you always wanted to be. We have both a beginner and advanced program to cater to all levels of ballet knowledge. Whether you’re getting your ballet shoes out after they’ve been in your closet since high school or you’re taking a new skill by storm we can’t wait to teach you.

Required Dance Wear For Ballet Classes

Leotard w/ skirt (any color).

Leather ballet shoes (tan/nude/black).

Boys- wear t-shirts/tank tops with lose fitted track or jazz pants. No jeans!

Recreational Ballet

We also offer teen and adult recreational ballet for students who have not taken ballet as younger children and who wish to take ballet without following a syllabus. For teens that have studied dance previously would need to pass our dance proficiency to start in our Pointe dance classes.

Pathway to Pointe: Silver League for Kids Ages 8+

Pathway to Pointe: Silver League is an intermediate ballet class with a focus toward getting into pointe shoes. It will be in the same structure as a regular ballet class, just more advanced material. If a student has potential to get into pointe shoes they need to take at least two classes a week so this class is offered only to those that will continue with their regular class as well as this new one. This class is by invite only so the dancers that are ready to advance forward won’t be held back by beginners. The class will tend to be more difficult going from beginning ballet to intermediate ballet. Silver League is for those that want to start getting ready for pointe shoes. When they are ready for their pointe shoes they will graduate into the Gold League. This gold league will be by invitation only as well!

This class will only be available to dancers ages 8+ taking ballet. No dancer will be put in point shoes unless they are old enough, meaning their growth plate in their feet has closed. No one will be on point shoes until they pass Silver League and get invited to the Gold League. This depends greatly on the student’s effort in class and commitment to practice! The only way to get to Gold League is through the Pathway to Pointe Silver League!

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