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Omaha School of Music and Dance

Thank you for your interest in teaching positions with our school. This page will give you an idea of our philosophy of teaching and our ideas on how our school can best meet the needs of our students and teachers.

We are always excepting applications for all instructors.

If you are interested in applying for a teaching position, please email or mail your resume to:

Attention: Teaching positions

Email: info@osomad.com

Mailing Address: 14505 California St. Omaha, NE 68154

No Phone Calls Please. Only suitable applicants will be contacted for an interview.

School Background

The Omaha School of Music and Dance is a privately owned school that was founded in 2008. To get directions to our Omaha location, check out our Contact page.

We are Omaha Nebraska’s premier music and dance teaching school. We cater mainly to children. About 90% of our students are between 3 and 16 years old. We welcome adult students but our suburban market area has resulted in a student base of mainly children.

We realize that most of our students will not become professional musicians and dancers. We strive to provide a fun but educational environment with well-organized administration and first-rate equipment and facilities.

Why Teach With Us

There are several places you can teach music around the Omaha, Nebraska area. Why should you consider teaching with us?

Here are reasons why music teachers choose to teach at our school over all other choices:

1. A constant flow of new students to keep schedules as full as possible.

Over the course of the year, students can move or quit. This can leave a teacher with gaps or holes in their schedule. Most students register and start lessons in August. Most music schools only advertise in late August and September for new students. At our school, we spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing year-round to keep our teacher’s schedules as full as possible. Each year we spend over $20,000 on advertising on social media, direct mail, community publications, and other media to constantly attract new students. We are continually registering new students for our private music lessons even during typically slower registration months like May or June.

2. Extras are taken care of – your only responsibility is to teach.

At all of our locations, we have full-time front desk administrators to handle all of the “details” of teaching. From scheduling to collecting fees or arranging an accompanist for recitals, our administrators handle these details, not the teacher. This means the teacher is free to focus on teaching and not get bogged down by the administration.

3. Your time is respected and you are paid whether or not students show up.

Teachers are paid for lessons whether students attend or not. If a student misses classes for school trips or holidays, the teacher is still paid. If a student does not pay for their lessons or has an uncollectible debt, the teacher is still paid. Our priority for our teachers is to make sure that your time is not abused and your teaching day can be as productive as possible.

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