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Here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, we offer a variety of different classes that your children can take, we have something for everyone! For instance, we offer an incredible Musical Theater Class year-round, which has a new theme for every term.

Our teachers are top-notch leaders and provide a professional outlook on what musicals will provide later in life. They each come from backgrounds of learning Music in college and teaching professionally to give your students the best possible learning experience. These theater classes will give them confidence for any tryout and gives them an opportunity to find what they love in the theater. We do different periods of musicals and shows, with lead actors/actresses and chorus lines. Our Musical Theater class will also teach your little actor about stage directions and techniques for memorization.

Each child will learn their lines and give them a sense of patience as they focus in on the teacher’s lessons and their shows. It also gives them a boost of confidence, since they will be performing on stage in front of family and friends, showing off the new skill they learned in class!

Currently, our Musical Theater Class is working on a performance for the Disney movie, Zombies! This class will wrap up mid-September and will be immediately followed by our next class featuring Beauty and the Beast. We have a new theme for every class term, so it’s always a new experience! The students will be able to learn all kinds of new skills with every class they attend.

Our Musical Theater classes are held once a week, but we offer classes on Tuesdays-Wednesdays for your convenience. We are now enrolling for the term begging September 15th, let’s get you signed up today!

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