Hip Hop Benefits For Your Child

Does your child/teenager like to move and groove? Come check some hip hop benefits for taking dancing classes here at the Omaha School of Music and Dance!

If your child is always dancing around the house, that is a great sign that they would benefit from dance classes! Hip-hop is one of the most popular styles today because of its upbeat music and contemporary moves. What are some of those benefits they will get from this fun dance class? Keep reading!


  1. Dancing helps children to learn how the beats/counts go to the music.
  2. They will learn some great choreography in class that they can share with the family, their friends, and maybe even perform at a school talent show or for an audition someday!
  3. Hip Hop will keep your child in shape, which is just good for their health. This will also helps them with sports and other activities they are involved in at school and in the community.
  4. Dance helps kids to learn how to work together with a group, which is another skill that they can use throughout all aspects of their lives! People skills are needed for just about every career out there, and they will learn how to work well with others in hip-hop class!
  5. Children will learn how to support their peers by performing together and encouraging each other to do their best in class each week. This is another great life skill to have in our “dog eat dog” world today. Spreading kindness is definitely something we need to do more and more today.
  6. They will learn “dance etiquette,” which is something they can also use in their everyday life. Dance etiquette is a set of conventional rules to decide the social behavior of dance by its participants, including the way they look and how they approach dance and their partner(s).
  7. Your child will have a chance to practice setting and achieving goals for themselves in and out of class, such as learning more advanced choreography and getting more involved in the dance community. They may even set a goal to be a professional dancer later in life!


At the Omaha School of Music and Dance we have two great hip-hop classes and great instructors who make the class fun and adventurous for the students! One class is on Monday evening at 6:00 and the other is Tuesday evening at 7:15. Check out our website if you would like more information or to get registered today!   https://omahaschoolofmusicanddance.com/hip-hop-dance-classes-kids-ages-10-13/

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