Dance Class Schedules 2023/24

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We offer classes throughout the week during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months. If you are interested in a dance class but do not see it listed below, contact us to see if it is an option as we are always adding new classes throughout the year!


Our new Fall Schedule begins the week of August 7th!

Ages 2-3
Toddler Tippy ToesFriday5:30 - 6PM
Ages 3-4
Preschool Ballet/Tap ComboMonday5-6pm
Preschool Jazz/Acro ComboThursday4:45-5:45pm
Preschool Ballet/Tap ComboSaturday10:45-11:45am
Ages 5-6
Kinder Hip Hop/Acro ComboMonday6-7pm
Kinder Ballet/Tap ComboWednesday5-6pm
Kinder Ballet/Tap ComboSaturday10:15-11:15am
Ages 7-9 (Level I)
Jazz/Tap I ComboTuesday5-6pm
Ballet IFriday5:15-6pm
Acro IFriday6-6:30pm
Hip Hop IFriday6:30-7pm
Ballet ISaturday11:45-12:30pm
Hip Hop ISaturday12:30-1pm
Ages 7-9 (Level II)
Ballet IIMonday4:30-5:15pm
Acro IIMonday6:45-7:30pm
Jazz/Tap IIWednesday4:45-5:45pm
Ages 10-13+ (Level III)
Hip Hop IIITuesday6:45-7:15pm
Acro IIITuesday7:30-8:15pm
Jazz IIIThursday5:45-6:30pm
Tap IIISaturday9:30-10am
Lyrical IIISaturday9:30-10am
Ballet IIISaturday10-10:45am
Ages 10-13+ (Level IV)
Lyrical IVMonday7-7:30pm
Acro IVMonday7:30-8:15pm
Ballet IVMonday8:15-9:15pm
Tap IVWednesday6:30-7pm
Hip Hop IVWednesday7:15-7:45pm
Pointe/Pre-Pointe (Invitation Only)
Pre-Pointe IMonday5:30-6:15pm
Pre-Pointe IIThursday6:15-7:15pm
Pointe IThursday5-6:15pm
Adult PointeThursday7:15-8pm
Adult Beginner
Hip HopTuesday8:15-9pm
Adult Advanced
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