How Hip Hop Can Help You in Other Dance Classes

You’re probably asking yourself how you can improve in the one dance class you are in? Easy take another one, such as Hip Hop. Taking another dance class not only helps you improve in that one class, but will also help you gain new skills as well. Exploring other dance styles allows you to grow deeper in your understanding and appreciation of the abilities of our own body and the body of others. The improved flexibility and fluidity learned in ballet class are highly beneficial for all dance students, even if your primary focus is hip hop. Taking lessons in multiple dance styles make you and your child a well-rounded dancer.

How your body works differently in a non-ballet class vs. a ballet class?

In Jazz and Hip Hop, there is an emphasis on the isolation of different body parts, the grounded-ness of the body’s weight, and on a rhythmic physicality. In many different techniques within Modern dance, there is an emphasis on the body’s relationship to space and to self and others.

Hip Hop and Ballet have very different types of training. Ballet training always includes technique, musicality, flexibility, and coordination, unlike Hip Hop which requires little technique.

Styles that emphasize rhythm like Jazz, Hip Hop, and Tap build a greater understanding of musicality, which is an important part of ballet. Other dance styles also engage your muscles in different ways, building a greater physical and mental strength and awareness.

Benefits of Ballet:

  • Boosts Confidence
  • Improves Posture and Coordination
  • Enhances Focus
  • Sharpens Critical Thinking Skills
  • Educates
  • Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Encourages Bonding
  • Fosters a Great Work Ethic
  • Increases Flexibility

The Benefits of Hip Hop:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Better balance
  • Increased coordination
  • Development of muscle
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Artistic expression
  • Physical Activity

4 Reasons Hip Hop Dancers Should take a Ballet:

  1. Body Alignment:
    Body Alignment is the optimal placement of the body that ensures our muscles aren’t working unnecessarily hard to achieve everyday movements like walking and lifting as well as dancing. Injuries, headaches, and soreness often originate from a misalignment.
  2. Strength:
    Taking ballet helps to find new strength in arms and legs.
  3. Focus and Discipline:
    Ballet teaches you to focus on the simplest warm-up exercise.
  4. Choreography and Performance:
    Your body learns to perform differently such as to extend, to be soft and gentle, to turn and to jump and to use the floor. Ballet teaches you to embrace dynamics, go from smooth to sharp and from long extensions into short and snappy movements. Choreography becomes more fun.

Ballet: Focus on Precision. You will stand out if you are doing something wrong, and that’s bad because no one will even look at you. The class structure is usually barre-centre-choreography.

Hip Hop: Focus on individuality. You will not stand out if you’re doing what you’re told. Your take on music and cool improvisation will get your attention. Classes are not necessary for street styles. The class structure is usually warm-up, then choreography/practice.

Ballet and Hip Hop may have differences in the intent and focus of their various dance movements the fact remains that they are still similar in their desire to express and entertain.

The Benefits of Multiple Dance Classes:

  • Different Dance Styles Complement One Another
  • Improves Skills
  • Faster Improvement
  • Improve Technique and Stage Presence
  • Exposure to different teachers/methods
  • Practice

Hip Hop and Ballet have different styles of clothing. Ballet is more strict with leotards and ballet slippers, as Hip Hop is more relaxed with a t-shirt, shorts, tank tops and sneakers.

As you can tell there are many benefits to taking different styles of dance.

Hip hop classes provide a fast-paced, yet fun environment! We offer many dance classes not only for your kids but for you as a parent also, here at Omaha School of Music and Dance in Omaha, NE, including ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, lyrical, combo classes and pom classes.

You will not regret signing up for multiple dance classes!

In conclusion, these are the benefits of taking both Hip Hop and Ballet together.

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