When can my child start tumbling classes?

Omaha School of Music and Dance offers tumbling classes for students ages 3-6. Also known as Acro, Tumbling is a combination of gymnastics, flexibility, and dance. These classes help students build body strength and control. All tumbling is done on foam mats to ensure your child’s safety in learning new moves. In these classes, participants are not just standing on their feet, but instead, they will learn to stand on their hands, do rolls, flips, and different kinds of jumps! This class would be great for kids who have lots of energy!

What are the Benefits of Tumbling?

  1. Flexibility. Tumbling requires students to build flexibility as they learn new rolls and flips. Through stretching and other activities done in the class, your child will start to become very flexible and become an athlete.
  2. Strength. With flexibility also comes strength. With the moves we teach in tumbling classes, students will gain muscle in their arms and legs along with their core muscles.
  3. Making Friends. Along with getting exercise, learning new moves, and building strength and flexibility, your child will learn to work with others. They will work with our teachers and other students to increase social activity. This will help them make new friends that they will have throughout their time here at OSMD.

What other classes should my child take with tumbling?

We suggest that you pair Hip-Hop and Ballet with Tumbling classes. Hip-Hop is a dance style that is also very high energy! Students can use the skills they learn in tumbling to learn to do tricks in stunts in Hip-Hop dancing. Ballet on the other hand is the foundation for many styles of dance. Tumbling and ballet alike will help with flexibility and strength. Tumbling is a great way to help a ballet dancer build strength, and these skills are irreplaceable in ballet.

How can I sign up?

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