Acro Dance Classes at Omaha School of Music & Dance

Here at Omaha School of Music & Dance, we offer a variety of music lessons, dance classes, and musical theatre workshops. Our acro dance classes teach one of our most popular styles of dance: Acro.

What is Acro Dance?

Acro dance combines classical dance techniques with acrobatic elements. It helps establish athletic ability with leaps, turns, and gymnastic-quality moves. At OSMD, we offer acro dance classes for students ages 3-18!

This type of dance uses strength and elevates flexibility in order for our dancers to perform gymnastic-based tricks. They also hone their balance and coordination. By allowing your child to take an acro class, you help them develop their foundational strengths that build the muscle necessary to lift their bodies.

What to Expect in Acro Class

Acro students usually wear leotards and/or tight-fitting clothing when performing acro dance, so our teachers can best observe and spot them. This attire also allows the dancer to be able to perform stunts and dance moves with nothing getting in their way. Dancers who take our acro classes may also wear jazz shoes or go barefoot.

Our teachers are highly trained in stretching out young students’ bodies to avoid injury, and also allow cool-down time for students to recover from their workout.

All OSMD dance students get the opportunity to participate twice each year in our dance recitals; one is held in the summer, the other either in fall or winter. Acro dance students are taught a routine and will perform it in front of friends and family in a new dance costume. At the end of the recital, the student is awarded a medal or trophy to show how hard they have worked!

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