Unlocking the Magical World of Music: Piano Lessons for Kids that Hit All the Right Notes!

And How Gifted Music Teachers Make a World of Difference with the Suzuki Method

When you think of piano lessons, what comes to mind? “Ode to Joy”? Beethoven? Playing lots of scales? While none of these things should be ruled out, piano lessons for kids are much more than the stereotypes in your head.

The Magic of Movie Themes

There is plenty to be gained from classical composers like Mozart, Schubert, and Brahms. What about the magic behind film scores? The songs in your child’s favorite Disney movies are often the first piano pieces they play at their music recitals. Iconic pieces like the themes from Jurassic Park, Star Wars, or Harry Potter, and even more complex compositions from the epic files of Studio Ghibli … these are the masterpieces that shaped our musical tastes growing up and are never forgotten when we pick up a new (or resume an old) instrument. It’s music like this that makes the experience of piano lessons for kids so magical.

Iconic Pop Stars Help Shape Piano Lessons for Kids

The movies are great, but let’s not stop there — we can’t ignore the Top 40 radio music that also inspires your child! Is your kiddo always singing along to Adele? Ed Sheeran? Taylor Swift? Singing and playing the piano at the same time seems like a difficult skill to master, but you may be surprised at how quickly your child picks up skills when they’re young. And at OSMD, pop music isn’t a genre ignored by teachers.

Practicing scales and hand positions are important — they’re the practical building blocks to making magical music on their piano journey. What does the path to playing popular songs look like, though? The answer: It depends on the student.

Enter: The Suzuki Method

Our professional music instructors adapt all kinds of methods to teach your budding musician in the best way suited for them. Creating a curriculum for piano lessons for kids is certainly not a one-size-fits-all approach. One of the tried-and-true methods is the Suzuki Method.

Maybe Suzuki Method is a buzzword you’ve heard before, or perhaps you’re learning about it for the first time right now. So let’s talk about it!

The Suzuki Method is a style of teaching music that treats learning an instrument the same as learning a second language. The Suzuki Method requires parental involvement, regular repetition, encouragement, listening to music regularly, and starting as early (young) as possible.

WOAH! That’s quite the Wikipedia entry. Let’s break it down. 

  • Parental Involvement: For the Suzuki Method to be successful, parents are expected to be present. This means attending every lesson with their student or students in order to fully support their music journey and be able to help hands-on during at-home practice time. Parents are also expected to play a critical part in the next item: Encouragement. 
  • Encouragement: Positive feedback is crucial to music students maintaining interest and remaining dedicated to their craft.
  • Repetition: Brains begin to lose information it’s taught if the info is not regularly applied. Growth is dependent on your music student’s practice and repetition.
  • Listening to Music: When you learn a new language, hearing it regularly has a big impact on your personal performance. Like learning a new language, you should have your child regularly listen to Suzuki pieces to help them recognize the music.
  • Early Education: When it comes to piano lessons for kids (and any other musical instrument), we stand by the saying “the earlier they begin learning, the better!” But don’t worry — your older child is not doomed to never play an instrument well if they don’t pick it up until they’re 13. Start them as soon as you can. Just don’t wait until after school events settle down or for the next solar eclipse to happen; the sooner your kiddo can start to take music lessons, the better!

Overall, many parents opt for the Suzuki Method when looking for piano lessons for kids — not just because of the results it produces, but also because of its positive learning experience. Kids work harder and have fun when they feel successful.

We Have Piano Lessons for Kids & Adults!

Good news: Omaha School of Music & Dance offers piano lessons for kids and adults, both with or without the Suzuki Method — whatever your preference is. Give us a shout today to learn more and register! We look forward to performing with you.

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