Want to Sing? Here’s How Piano Lessons Set You Up for Success

Learning to play the piano has a lot of benefits, but one lesser-known advantage is helping you learn how to sing. If you’ve taken – or know someone who has taken – private voice lessons before, your teacher may first ask if you play piano or have taken piano lessons. Why? They’re trying to gauge your skill levels and determine how to better give you these new ones:

  1. Develop Your Aural Skills
  2. Improve Your Creative Process
  3. Efficiently Learn Notes and Rhythms of a Vocal Part
  4. Give You Skills to Accompany Yourself

4 ways learning to play the piano improves your voice lessons

1.   Develops Aural Skills

Let’s start with a quick definition: What do we mean by “aural skills?” Aural skills refer to the development of sensory function, specifically your hearing.

Piano lessons help hone in on a singer’s aural skills. Because singers are constantly hearing different pitches of notes, playing the piano can help develop pitch accuracy and minimize those sharp and flat notes that pop up from time to time. Singers who become proficient at the piano develop far superior pitch accuracy.

2.   Improves Your Creative Process

When you learn to play piano, something magical happens to your entire creative process as a singer. It makes you think and hear differently musically, and will positively impact your skill and creative expression in your singing.

3.   Efficiently Learn Notes & Rhythms of a Vocal Part

The piano serves as a visual layout of the voice. Taking piano lessons as a singer also helps you quickly learn the melody – and the correct rhythm – of a song either by ear or sight reading written music. Being able to play the piano as a singer also lays a good foundation to vary melodic choices, including working on embellishments like riffs and runs.

4.   Gives You Skills to Accompany Yourself

You can create musical magic with melody (voice), harmony, and rhythm (piano) all on your own, whenever inspiration strikes. Accompanying yourself singing is a great experience and develops synergy by coordinating the hands, voice, ear, brain, and heart. Talk to your OSMD voice or piano teacher to help you learn how!

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