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There are so many decisions to make in life, whether it’s deciding which donut you want to eat or what color you want your bedroom walls to be, it’s always hard making a decision. But probably the easiest decision to make is to enroll in Omaha School of Music and Dance’s dance classes. We offer so many styles of dance, taught by teachers who are classically trained in multiple styles of dance, and we even broadened our dance styles and started adding tumbling and pom classes, too! So actually, I lied, it might be a little hard to decide on what class to take but thankfully here at OSMD, we can help steer you in the right direction to find the best class for you!

What makes us different from other dance studios in the city? WELL LET ME TELL YOU GUYS! Here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, we strive to have every student that walks through our doors to achieve their dreams! Obviously, all studios want that, but we take a more relaxed and fun approach to that journey. We do not pressure our students to become world-renown dancers at an early age, nor do we think that just because they are enrolled in a dance class that that is what they want to spend the rest of their lives doing. We understand that dancing should be fun and free for people of all ages. It is a way to express yourself creatively, and we want to open that door of creativity for every student and watch them blossom into a confident, creative, and open-minded human for their entire lives, regardless of what they want to do outside dance class.

We really focus on the fun side of dance. Yes, we have “stricter” classes for ballet, our Pointe class, for instance, is for older ballet students who are a little more serious about their ballet journey. Though, most of our classes are here for the kids to explore different realms of dance in a fun and safe environment, free from judgment and all about personal growth! Our teachers are SO attentive to their students. Each teacher has a bond with their students, and they get to see them explore their limits and push boundaries and watch them spread their wings and fly! Our teachers keep track of all the progress of each student and they will recommend when to move up in the dance world. We want every student to learn at their best level which is why we have dance classes for every age!

We have plenty of dance classes to take, and we even have combo classes if it is too hard to make up your mind. If you are interested in ballet but also tap, we have a ballet/jazz/tap combo class that focuses on the different styles of dance each week so you will definitely be able to find something that works for you. We also offer tumbling classes and Pom dance classes. Tumbling is like a little intro to gymnastics and lets kids exert all their energy in 45 minutes. We let them run around the room, attempt to do backflips on our mats, it is fun for everyone involved. Our Pom classes are a chance to get kids to do the latest dances moves with cheer influence. It gives them the opportunity to dance with pom-poms to make it more fun and interactive!

If you are just starting out in dance and are afraid to join a group class, look no further! We also offer private dance classes. It lets you explore the world of dance, but at your own pace. We also offer audition prep and wedding dance prep as well! Those are kind of like a private lesson, but with a more focused goal in mind.

At OSMD, we are so determined to have any student with a dream reach it! We love watching our students become their best selves, and we love to be the stepping stone on their journey. If you are interested in dance at all, we are for sure a great place to start. Call us as soon as possible to schedule your lessons and meet amazing people who are on the same path as you! There is always room for smiling faces at the Omaha School of Music and Dance and we are so excited to see yours in the near future! Contact us today or Register Now for Omaha School of Music and Dance’s dance classes. Contact Us today or Register Now for OSMD dance classes.

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