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Our Tap Dance Classes Are a Great Creative Outlet for Young Kids

Is your little one looking to give tap dancing a try? Are you searching for an active and creative outlet that you think your child might enjoy? Our children’s tap dance classes are the perfect introductory classes that will teach your child the foundations of tap dancing while having fun and learning about the art form. Tap dancing is one of the most popular forms of dance for children to begin their dance careers with, however, tap dancing does require a great deal of coordination and can be a challenging style of dance for younger children to learn. Our professional dance instructors are trained to work with every level of experience so every student will be getting the attention and instruction that they need in order to succeed as a tap dancer.

All of our classes are 45 minutes long and each class is limited to only 12 students. We never have classes larger than this because we feel this is the most appropriate environment in order for dancers to really focus and learn from their instructors. Our tap dance classes for children between the ages of 6-9 are taught in the traditional style of tap dance where we focus on basic body form and tapping techniques.

Whether your child has already begun to learn tap dancing or has just recently become interested in learning tap dance as an addition to their dancing, our pre-teen and teen tap dance classes are great for those who are looking to continue learning and refining new dance skills. These beginner-to-intermediate tap dance classes for children ages 10-13 will teach your child new tapping styles and techniques that they can continue to build from as they get older and perfect their skills.

Kids between the ages of 3 years old-adult can choose to take traditional tap dance classes, which focus more on basic formation and original style tapping techniques, or they can choose to participate in street tap, which is a funkier, hip-hop inspired style of tap dance.

For teens and adults looking for continued instruction on perfecting their tap dancing skills, our dance studio offers both original and street tap styles of tap dancing.

Required Dance Wear For Tap Classes

Girls- Leotard w/ skirt (any color).

Boys and Girls- T-shirts/tank tops with lose fitted track, jazz pants, or leggings. No jeans!

Black Tap shoes for and indoor cross trainer’s tennis shoes (may not be worn outside).

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