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There are many forms of expression in our lives today and one of those would be dancing. Dancing allows you to follow the beat of the music while moving your body. There are multiple styles of dance that can be taken whether it’s jazz, lyrical, ballet, tap, or hip hop. However, for today we’ll be discussing why ballet classes may be the right fit for you or your child! Conveniently located off 144th and Dodge, Omaha School of Music and Dance can be reached easily for all classes.

Omaha School of Music and Dance offers a wide variety of ballet classes for all levels. Starting at Preschool Ballet and ranging all the way to Adult Ballet classes with multiple levels in between. Our instructors will make sure that you fit into the correct class that works with your skill level for ballet. Classes also range in duration of time which is also fit for the skill level and time needed for each class. Omaha School of Music and Dance also offers private ballet classes! This can be great for getting that one-on-one time with an instructor to excel in ballet. Our instructors are here to help you improve and want to see you succeed on the dance floor!

The slightest interest in ballet can lead to a new love for dance in your life. If you find yourself or your child asking about ballet classes it may be time to turn that interest into reality. There can be a newfound love for ballet even after taking one lesson at our studio. Students are also given the opportunity to perform on stage at recitals every year! There are also smaller recitals offered throughout the year as well so there are multiple chances to shine on stage! If you have any questions about ballet classes at the studio, contact us through our website, or please call us at 402-515-9639. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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