Harmonizing Growth: Unveiling the Benefits of Kids’ Singing Lessons

One of the greatest gifts humans have is singing. While birds chirp, and other animals…well —  they make sounds, humans can simultaneously speak with intonation. Since almost everyone can sing, many overlook how beneficial voice lessons actually are. Starting kids’ singing lessons sooner rather than later is such a great way to enrich your kiddo’s early years!

Find the Perfect Pitch at a Singing School Near You

Enrolling your child in voice lessons at a legitimate singing school has more benefits than one may think. Not only is singing a fun skill to learn, but also kids’ singing lessons teach your young ones valuable life skills. 

What is a singing school?

Modern singing schools, like Omaha School of Music & Dance, is exactly what it sounds like: A school where people learn everything about singing properly. Vocal music students learn music theory and history, how to sight read music (the skill to sing a song while reading a piece of music for the first time), and gain or grow the skills to simultaneously speak with intonation (AKA “to sing”).

Singing schools employ voice teachers who are specifically trained to make use of the human voice as a musical instrument. In addition to helping their students learn how to sing better, they also educate on how to keep the voice healthy so growth in learning how to sing isn’t stunted.

There are many benefits of kids’ singing lessons at a singing school:

  • Improve breath support and voice control, and even improve a child’s speaking voice
  • Improve overall motor skills and study skills that can be applied in school
  • Build self esteem
  • Improve posture, which can also build self confidence
  • Teach your kiddos a skill that can be very beneficial in both the professional and social world
  • Improve a child’s overall quality of life, as music (time and time again) has proven to help people express themselves and improve mental health

As you can see, kids’ singing lessons can truly help your children grow both into their current selves and develop into their next chapter. The benefits are priceless and can last them a lifetime.

Where Can I Find a Singing School Near Me?

Enrolling your kiddos in singing lessons is great, but many ask “Where can I even find a singing school near me?” Well, you’re in luck! 

At Omaha School of Music & Dance, we pride ourselves in providing quality private voice lessons for all ages, starting at 6-years-old. Our voice teachers have received extensive university training and also have performance backgrounds. We also give our vocal music students live performance experiences at our annual Spring and Winter recitals. 

We would be thrilled to have your child (or YOU!) start singing lessons with us at OSMD! Give us a shout to get started:

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