5 Ways to Keep Your Voice Healthy

Every student who takes voice lessons should understand the basics of keeping their voice healthy. Keeping the voice healthy can keep the tone of the voice sounding smooth and prevent injury to the vocal chords that could seriously damage vocal quality.

-Drink water:
It is important for every singer to drink enough water every day. This keeps the vocal cords lubricated to prevent the rubbing of the vocal cords and hoarseness. Young students should be drinking about five cups of water per day. Older students should aim to drink about seven cups per day.

-Avoid a heavy dairy intake before performances and lessons:

Students should try to avoid eating or drinking an excess of dairy before a recital or a lesson because dairy products produce phlegm that can alter the tone of the voice, and make it very difficult to sing! Instead of drinking milk in before a performance, students should drink plenty of water to keep their voices hydrated and smooth.

-Use breath support:

Breath support is crucial to keeping the voice healthy because it lessens strain on the vocal chords. Voice instructors teach students how to establish proper breathing techniques, and these techniques should be used at home during practice time too. Writing in reminders about breath support in their music can help students practice correctly and develop the healthiest techniques for their voices.


-Listen to your voice:

One of the best tips to prevent injury of the vocal chords is to listen to your voice. When students start to experience hoarseness, they should lighten the load on their voices by avoiding screaming, yelling, or difficult singing. If the voice sounds rough for a long period of time, they should talk to their instructor about visiting a vocal doctor.

-Warm up:

When students practice at home, they should be doing basic vocal warm-ups to reduce strain on their voices. Voice students can use old Lesson Mate Videos to warm up or ask their instructors how they can warm up at home using vocal exercises.


Voice students who choose to adopt some of these tips and tricks will be making the best progress possible in their voice lessons. Practicing smart vocal habits can also help avoid injury like vocal nodules, or nodes. Vocal nodules are caused by intense strain of the vocal chords and are frequent in singers. They can inflict lifelong damage on the vocal chords and prevent singers from being able to sing freely.

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