The Importance of Posture in Voice

Correct posture is one of the most important skills taught in voice classes at the Omaha School of Music and Dance. In this article we will explore the importance of having proper singing posture and also share a few tips on how you can improve your posture at home.

Why Is Proper Singing Posture Important?

Proper posture is probably the most common trait that most singers lack in their early years. Good posture can be defined as the stance achieved that allows for an aligned spine (not twisted) and joints that are not bent.  Not only does proper singing posture enhance your breathing, but it also optimizes it – resulting in a better-sounding voice. Correct positioning also makes it easier for sound to be produced.

How to Improve Posture

While singing, vocalists should pay close attention to the position of their feet, knees, hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, and head. Are both of your feet planted steadily on the ground? Are your shoulders relaxed? Is your spine straight? If you’ve answered “Yes” to these three questions, then you’re already off to a great start!

Here are a few more things you can practice at home to improve your posture:

Stand up straight against a wall:
Facing away from the wall, make your heels, calves, shoulders and head touch the wall simultaneously. Hold this position for a few minutes.

Increase your buoyancy in one position:
To understand how your weight distribution impacts your voice, stand with your feet apart, and shift your body weight until you’re nearly standing on your toes. Repeat a few times.

Expand and contract your tummy:
While standing up straight, place your hand on your tummy to ensure that your abdomen is expanding upon inhalation and relaxing when you exhale.

Practice these and you’ll be on your way to being a great vocalist. We also encourage you to take one of our voice, choir, or musical theater classes. The teachers at the Omaha School of Music and Dance would love to help you with your posture goals will provide additional tips to help you develop the best posture possible.

We look forward to seeing you in class! If you have any additional questions please visit our website or call us at 402-515-9639.

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