Gifting the Drums? Don’t Forget the Drum Lessons.

A drum set is a gift so many kids (and even adults) dream of getting for the holidays! But you shouldn’t just walk into a store and purchase the first set you see on display. At most music stores, professional musicians work there who are ready to help you find a great fit for the future drummer in your life.

There are so many things you should keep in mind when gifting a drum set this holiday season, including:

  • The age of the drummer
  • Daily practicing
  • What they are looking to learn playing the drums
  • Where to take drum lessons

If you’re gifting a drum set this season, consider these first

The Age of the Drummer

Drumming is a fun instrument you can start learning literally at any age. The size of the drum set needed will change, though, depending on age and size of the future drummer. The older the drummer, the larger the set you will most likely need to purchase. Our instructors at Omaha School of Music & Dance tailor drum lessons around the student’s age so they are always getting the most out of each class and progressing well.

Daily Practicing

Drumming—like any other instrument—requires time and practice, and practicing every day can help improve the student’s skill level at a faster pace. If the gift recipient will be drumming every day, it’s wise to invest in a higher quality drum set so they may not have to quickly (and frequently) replace parts. Our teachers at OSMD will assign homework at the end of each lesson to help guide them through at-home practices.

What Do They Want to Learn?

When gifting a drum set, or being given drum lessons, you usually have a goal in mind for the future musician. For some, reading music may be the goal while others have their eyes set on something higher. No matter what the goal may be, having the right equipment and people around you are critical to meeting that goal. Parents need to be on board when a drum set (and drum lessons) is being gifted. Finding the right percussion instructor for the student is also crucial for enjoying learning to play the drums.

Giving the Most Out of the Gift: Don’t Forget the Drum Lessons

Now that you have a drum set all picked out, we need to set you up with some drum lessons! There are many ways for the future musician in your life to learn how to play the drums. They can watch videos on the internet or even read up on different techniques in a book, but the best way—by far—to learn to play a percussion instrument is by taking advantage of in-person drum lessons. Taking drum classes with a professional, seasoned instructor every week will be the most helpful option, as an instructor will be able to shape the lessons for each individual student to meet their needs and goals.

Where Can I Find Drum Lessons Near Me?

Only at Omaha School of Music & Dance will you and/or your child learn from full-time, university-taught percussion teachers who live and breathe the drums. Their passion for music is clear, and it transfers to their students. Each week, the percussion instructor will review homework (AKA what is practiced at home) and move on to the next lesson to keep the student learning and progressing.

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