Rockin’ to the Rhythm: Why Toddler Music Lessons Are a Total Jam!

And why your kiddos should be involved in music lessons at a young age

Windows down, breeze blowing through your hair, the radio is on, you and the kids are singing along. Is that the extent of music for most people? Sadly, yes. Should it be? No! Not only you, but those kiddos in the back seat might especially benefit from exploring more about music with lessons! Toddler music lessons are beneficial not only for their enjoyment, but also for their general growth. 

Now you might be asking yourself, “How can my three-year-old play an instrument?” In short, music doesn’t just have to be “learning an instrument”; it can be even as simple as learning how to pick out melodies, or just getting excited about and enjoying music!

How Toddler Music Lessons Give Kiddos a Harmonious Head Start

Enrolling your kiddos in music lessons at a young age has proven to really help them learn valuable social and motor skills, as well as build confidence and healthy self esteem. How? Music makes the brain work harder; since the brain doesn’t stop developing until age 25, a hard-working toddler brain is primed to learn these complex skills, and music is a great catalyst to jumpstart that learning.

Toddler music classes are typically held in group settings, so enrolling them in these group music classes will help them develop crucial social skills like using kind words and manners, and help prepare them for Pre-K and Kindergarten! At Omaha School of Music & Dance, our group music classes are designed with these goals in mind. Our professionally-trained music teachers give each student the true classroom experience to help prep them for grade school. 

Simple motor skills are also built and/or improved upon through music lessons. No matter if your kiddo is learning to count rhythms, or clapping to an infectious beat on a tambourine, toddler music lessons can help develop their body and brain coordination.

Let’s talk about how enrolling your kiddos in toddler music lessons can also help build their confidence and healthy self esteem! Being in a group setting, there are naturally more opportunities for positive affirmations as your kiddos learn and grow. Gaining music skills is just like learning how to ride a bike: Once you get to the “finish line,” you couldn’t be more proud of yourself, and those learned skills stay with you for life. Building this self confidence can help your kiddos every day—from tying shoes to singing the ABCs!

Discover Toddler Music Lessons at OSMD

At Omaha School of Music & Dance, we pride ourselves in providing music lessons for all ages! Specifically, our Mini Musicians class is tailored to kiddos 18 months to five years old. Our professionally-trained teachers expose them to the joys of music, from teaching simple rhythms and melodies to practicing on real percussion or string instruments! Giving you kiddos a head start on music is the best gift you can give them, even if they are involved in other activities.

We currently have spots open in our Mini Musicians class. If you’d like to hear more about the class or want to register your kids, feel free to contact us, give us a call at (402) 515-9639, or just stop by the studio. We’d love to hear from you!

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