Why take Piano Lessons at OSMD

Why take piano lessons? Not only is it an impressive skill and fun to do, but there are also many other benefits of taking piano lessons you may not think of. Here are just a few!

1. Piano lessons are a great way to release your creativity and energy.

Even though piano lessons are not a sport, you are still able to release that creative energy that we all have. It is a great outlet to also release stress and take some time to relax and do something that is not only beneficial but offers a bit of a break from the craziness of life!

2. Piano lessons help improve memory and focus.

When you take lessons, you have to practice and concentrate on one thing. Even with little kids, it is good to have them be in a focused environment while they are doing something productive and skill-building. Playing the piano also requires you to have a good memory, especially when you are trying to play a song without the music in front of you. Not only do you have to remember the notes, but also which keys to play and when and where to position your hands. Focus and memory are key to playing the piano!

3. Taking lessons can build friendships and relationships.

When you come every week to your piano lessons, you get to know your teacher and other students who take lessons as well. You can build up friendships and get to know people who you otherwise never meet. It also can help build friendships in schools. Even though some bands and orchestras around Omaha schools do not all offer a piano to play, learning the skill can help you learn other instruments as well. The piano is a basic instrument to start with before adding another one to your life! Piano lessons are a great way to begin building lasting relationships both at lessons and outside of class!

If you are interested in piano lessons,get registered at Omaha School of Music and Dance today! Here are the ways you can get in contact with OSMD! Give us a call at (402) 515-9639, visit our website at OSMD, or visit us in person! We are located off of 144th and Dodge at 14505 California St. Omaha, NE 68154. We would love to have you be a part of our family!


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