What to Expect from Summer Camp at OSMD

Frequently asked questions about our summer dance & musical theatre camps

What’s so special about OSMD’s summer camps? Why should you sign up your kiddo? I’d love to answer these questions! 

Hi — I’m Amanda, Owner & Creative Director of Omaha School of Music & Dance. Before I was an owner, I was a dance teacher. I’ve been teaching all our summer camps for over five years now.

Summer camp season is my favorite time of year at OSMD. All day campers fill the building, singing, laughing, and having a blast!

Allow me to answer some frequently asked questions about our summer camps — and if you have more let us know!

Summer Dance Camps

What styles of dance do they learn?

Your kiddo will learn acro, ballet, jazz, and a few others. After those three styles, it depends on their age! Some of our older dancers will get to try lyrical and hip-hop. We stick to the basic technique skills at the camp’s core: acro, ballet, and jazz!

Do they just dance all day long?

Nope! Each day, the kids will take one technique class and go through two choreography sessions. These allow them to learn basic dance technique and prepare for the performance at the end of the week! The rest of the day, campers go outside, make crafts, watch movies, and play lots of games.

Do they perform at the end of summer dance camp?

Yes, they do! On the last day of camp, the kiddos will perform two dances for their friends and families. During the week, they learn an extensive routine that consists of many dance styles and songs from their camp’s theme. They also learn the “All Dance,” which is a silly partner dance the whole camp learns together.

Check out this year’s summer dance camp themes here!
NEW for 2024 — A half-day dance camp for preschoolers! Learn more here.

Summer Musical Theatre Camps

Do they sing and dance at musical theatre camp?

Yes, they do! I know to some this seems like a silly question, but many dance studios only perform musical theatre dance, which is not what our summer musical theatre camp is all about. OSMD is a music and dance school, so in our musical theatre camps we have trained dance AND vocal instructors.

What other aspects of theatre are covered?

Each day of camp, we have both vocal and dance rehearsals. In addition,  we have audition workshops, acting classes, set design, and even script writing! Our goal is to approach theatre from every side.

What kind of a performance do they do?

During the week, campers prepare a show for their families and friends. This performance includes four to five musical numbers with scenes in between. They feature solos, duets, and acting we’ve worked on throughout the week. 

Check out this year’s musical theatre camp themes here!

General OSMD Summer Camp FAQs

What camp should I register my child for?

Does your kiddo want to sing or not? 

If, YES, they want to sing: Sign them up for summer musical theatre camp!

If, NO, singing is not for them, but they want to dance: Sign them up for summer dance camp!

My child has never done a summer day camp. How do I know if they’re ready for an all-day camp?

The only way to get used to something is to try it! We’re used to teaching kids who are nervous or hesitant to try new things (maybe scared to separate from a parent, or who don’t know yet how to behave in a classroom setting). We’re here to help your kiddo and expose them to these new things. The way to get them comfortable with trying new things is to have them try new things. We will make sure they have fun, we promise!

And NEW for 2024 is our half-day summer dance camp for preschool-aged kiddos who are 2.5-4.5 years old! Learn more about our new dance camp here.

How do I sign up my child for a summer camp at OSMD?

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