Voice Lessons – Who, When, and Why

We all have a beautiful voice inside of us that is just waiting to come out. Why not give it the chance to make an appearance through voice lessons! Voice lessons at OSMD are a great way to express yourself through music. They allow you to be creative with your voice and how you use it along with getting tips and tricks from your instructor. Here at the Omaha School of Music and Dance, we have a variety of voice instructors who are here to help you let your voice shine! We are also conveniently located off 144th and Dodge making it easy to come to your lessons.

Why Voice Lessons?

As said above, voice lessons allow you or your child the chance to find a new form of creativity through their voice. Voice lessons can help find a newfound love for singing that you may not have known was there. There is also a form of confidence that can come out of voice lessons. It can be scary at first to sing in front of someone else, but our wonderful teachers at OSMD are here to be your biggest supporters. You never know where voice lessons could lead you or your child to in the future. There is also a great opportunity to show off your skills at our music recital each year!

When to Consider Voice Lessons?

Voice lessons are great for anyone at any time! Each voice instructor works with a wide variety of ages at our studio so they’ll know the perfect technique to help you improve. If you’re looking for voice lessons for your child, we have the option for Music Fun Time. This class allows children to be welcomed into the world of singing and learn the basics for finding their voice through music. Voice lessons for older kids and adults are private and customized for the specific student. This means that you’re getting lessons that are unique to you! So, the option to join voice lessons is open to you or your child whenever you think fits best!

If you have any questions about voice lessons at OSMD or you’re interested in learning more, feel free to give us a call at (402)515-9639. You can also contact us here on our website, or Register Here Today!

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