Violin Lessons for Beginners & the Brain-Music Connection

Learning to play the violin can be quite the accomplishment. But did you know there are other benefits from taking violin lessons? Your time at school, social life, and mental health may thank you.

6 unexpected benefits you’ll get when you learn to play violin at Omaha School of Music & Dance

  • Improved memory and attention span
  • Stronger skills in language arts
  • Better overall mental health
  • Sensory development
  • Social skills
  • Premier music education

If you’re interested in music and want to learn an instrument—or want your child to learn a new skill—then violin lessons for beginners may be what you’re looking for.

But before you think about investing in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, take a moment to educate yourself on the hidden benefits of learning to play the violin that outweigh the early days of at-home practice. Some of these may surprise you!

Improved memory and attention span

It’s no surprise that in this day and age of electronics, the attention span of a human is just three seconds or less. With such short attention spans, how are we expected to focus in the classroom, or even remember what we had for breakfast?

Studies show that after just one year of musical knowledge, memories improve and attention spans increase—especially in younger kids. This means that 12 months of learning to play the violin may also develop children’s abilities to pick up a new skill and help improve grades at school.

Stronger skills in language arts

Because learning to read music is an important part of musical training, you may also see improvements in reading anything as a byproduct. The more you read, the faster you read and improve those comprehension skills!

While it may not look like it, learning to play the violin also involves language processing, speech, and a variety of other language-related brain functions. So if your child is struggling to read, write, and/or speak at their current grade level, give beginner violin lessons at OSMD a shot!

Better overall mental health

Music and a healthy mental state go hand-in-hand. When you hear a song that reminds you of a happy memory or time in your life, don’t you get the warm fuzzies and want to go back there?

The same theory rings true for learning to play the violin. Studies show that playing the violin releases dopamine—that same positive rush of energy you feel when you do something you’re proud of, work out, or dance (just to name a few). When your brain releases dopamine, you’re setting yourself up to fight depression, reduce anxiety, and learn to better ground yourself when you feel upset.

And what happens when you feel good? Your self esteem goes through the roof!

Sensory development

If you’ve watched anyone play the violin, then you probably noticed how coordinated their movements are. Chin goes here, bow goes there, and fabulous posture is second nature. Because we’re human, none of that coordination comes naturally—enter: Learning to play the violin.

Violin can improve agility, hand-eye coordination, and motor dexterity—especially on your non-dominant side. Beginner violin lessons teach how to use both hands and arms equally, which—through practice—helps improve sensory development.

Social skills

No matter your age, in-person violin lessons at OSMD can provide a sense of belonging and a sturdy emotional outlet in a safe space to just be you. And while you or your child waits for your instructor to begin your weekly lesson, chat with other students or parents in the lobby and make new friends!

Premier music education

Only at Omaha School of Music & Dance will you and/or your child learn from a full-time, university-taught violin teacher who lives and breathes string instruments. Their passion for music is clear, and it transfers to their students. Each week, your violin instructor will review homework (AKA what was practiced at home) and move on to the next lesson to keep you learning and progressing.

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