Taking Bassoon Lessons: 5 Interesting Facts & Benefits

The bassoon is an instrument that not many people know about – even though it is pretty interesting and its sound is incredibly unique. While it may look like a member of the brass instrument family, the bassoon is actually a woodwind with a double reed and plays in the tenor and bass family; it’s made up of six pieces, usually wood.

Here are 5 more fun facts about the bassoon

  1. The bassoon is about theory-five inches long.
  2. It differs from other wind instruments (like the clarinet or the flute) because it has in total of 14 keys: five keys for the right hand and nine keys for the left hand.
  3. There are two types of bassoons: Buffets (the French type) and Heckels (German).
  4. There is a larger bassoon called the contrabassoon. The contrabassoon can reach notes lower than the regular bassoon.
  5. The origin of the bassoon can be traced back to Western Europe as early as the 17th century, so it’s been around for a long time!

As you can tell, the bassoon is a super unique instrument – AND taking bassoon lessons has many benefits. Here are just a few of the positive benefits you can experience if you decide to dive into bassoon lessons.

1. Taking Bassoon Lessons Can Improve Your Focus & Concentration

Like with any musical instrument, taking bassoon lessons forces your mind to focus and concentrate. Lessons exercise your brain because there are many things you have to focus on at one time. You have to concentrate on where your fingers are placed on the instrument to play the correct notes while also reading the sheet music in your book. You also have to focus on your posture and breathing techniques to be able to play correctly, as well as hold any long notes that come along in the composition. All of this – and more – is a great workout for your mind!

2. Your Posture May Improve

Believe it or not, playing an instrument (especially one like the bassoon) can help improve your posture. In order to play the bassoon correctly, you need to be able to sit straight and tall, as well as hold the instrument correctly. You have to be able to hold this posture for a while, which helps train your body to sit properly outside of your lesson time. Your back and chiropractor will be thanking you!

3. Playing the Bassoon May Open New Doors & Opportunities

Even though the bassoon is a rare instrument and not many people know about it, it’s well-known and enjoyed in the musical and orchestral world. While the bassoon may not appear in every middle or high school orchestra, it is seen in most colleges, universities, professional orchestras, and symphonies. For example, the Omaha Symphony has a bassoon section and gives great opportunities to play in it; there are other groups, as well, like Bassoons Across Nebraska.

4. Taking Bassoon Lessons Can Be a Good Place to Release Your Creative Energy & Relax

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, we all need a moment to relax and have a creative outlet. Music is a great source to release that pent-up energy and help you forget about the long list of tasks you may have. Learning a new instrument is exciting and reaps many rewards. Release your inner creativity and take bassoon lessons!

Even though learning a new instrument can be frustrating, the benefits are incredible and very much worth it. It may seem stressful at first and feel like a big task, but once you get into it and get the hang of it, playing the bassoon (or another instrument of your choice) will be a breeze and it will be something you will look forward to every time you pick it up.

Where Can I Find Bassoon Lessons Near Me?

If you’re interested in learning how to play to bassoon or just want more information on everything we offer here at Omaha School of Music & Dance, there are a few ways you can get in contact with us:

We offer lessons for all types of musical instruments, including the bassoon. Our studio is open Monday through Saturday, and we’re flexible with your schedule to find a time that works best for you and your family! Reach out to Omaha School of Music & Dance to sign up for bassoon lessons today!

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