Pros and Cons of Private vs. Group Music Lessons

Most parents are unsure as to which type of music lessons they should put their child in: group or private? There are pros and cons to both, and the decision should depend on your child’s experience, learning style, and personality as to which style of learning to choose. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to each style of lesson.

Group music lessons are great for children who are social and self-motivated. They can be a lot of fun for the students, less expensive, and educational, not just in the sense they are learning about the violin but also how to relate with other people. This can help them to build a confidence that will last them a lifetime! Group classes are usually longer than private, which gives the child more time with the instructor. The students are motivating each other to play better and practice more, which is hopefully a positive form of peer pressure for them. Playing in front of each other will help them with confidence for all performances they may have. With multiple students, the class will also be able to play parts in the music other then the melody which helps develop better sight reading, following instructions, and coordination.

However, they can be difficult to schedule if there are numerous students in the class. If your child has trouble concentrating or likes to socialize instead of listening to the instructor and following directions, that can cause some problems too.   If the students are at different skill levels, this can cause difficulty for the teacher to keep all the students engaged in the lesson. Also, some children find competition to be a negative thing, and if they feel like they are not the best student in the class, they may feel left behind and have low self-esteem.

Private music lessons are good for children who need the one on one attention from a teacher. The lesson plans will be tailor made for the child’s needs, pace, and learning styles. If your child is absent, there is no playing catch-up that has to happen the next week. The teacher can just pick up where they left off at the last lesson. These music lessons are also easier to schedule because it is just for the teacher and the student.

Private lessons do not give the social opportunities that a group does. If you are looking for an activity for your child to make friends and interact with other children, private lessons will not fit the bill. Private lessons are also usually much more expensive then group lessons, and are usually saved for children of an older age who are more serious about playing the instrument.

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