Preparing for Lessons as an Adult

After many years of not playing your instrument, or simply wanting to learn one for the first time, you decide it’s time to take music lessons again. Where do you start? How do you get back into it? While the answers may not be too simple for you, Omaha School of Music and Dance is a great place to start with private adult lessons. Whether you’d like to start something new or pick up an old hobby, we have a teacher for you. But how do you prepare to take lessons again? Here are a few simple ways to start again and bring music back into your life!

Identify your goals

Your first step for entering back into music lessons as an adult is to determine what you’d like to get out of them. Are you wanting a hobby? Do you want to play for an audience or socially? There could be a number of reasons you’d like to start again or start for the first time – and having a goal can motivate you to practice correctly and thoroughly. Once these goals have been identified, you can prepare to start taking the classes you signed up for through OSMD.


Make sure you are taking time out of you week at least once a day to practice your instrument. If you are just starting or starting again, it is important to keep yourself motivated and interested in your talents and the best way to do that is through practicing. Practice helps you see improvement more quickly than not. As adults, it is hard to manage work, kids, and other important tasks day by day – but making time for yourself to put towards your skill is a must if you wish to see growth. Through focus and diligence, you will see your talent soar.

Recognize the struggles

There are a couple of different things that adults might have a challenge with when they are starting back up with lessons. Of course, finding the time to practice is one of them. Some of the best ways to make yourself practice is through scheduling out times for yourself. Treat it like an appointment! You can also try to cut down on TV time and make room for practicing that way. You may also have some leftover bad habits from before when you were taking lessons! Breaking these can be somewhat of a challenge, but taking time out of your day to improve will eliminate them. It is also difficult for adults to focus on learning new concepts since they don’t often object themselves to mental stimulation like children do, considering they are in school full time. However, the brain is very adaptive, making lessons easier to focus in over time.

Taking in the Benefits

Choosing to take up a new instrument or start again can be a difficult choice, butreaping the benefits of this choice will not disappoint. Music can be a fulfilling hobby that reduces stress, adds to your self-esteem, and stimulates your brain! Adults find it easier to grasp musical theory, recognize patterns and concepts, and analyze. This will make learning or relearning a lot faster! Music is not just for younger kids – music is for everybody and being an adult should not stop that. Your mind will be sharper, your skills will be amazing, and you will have a creative outlet you didn’t have before.

These are some simple steps to take before you sign up for any music lessons as an adult. We have the best tools here at OSMD to help you reach your goals and fulfill your want for lessons.

We are located on the corner of 144th and Dodge here in Omaha and our hours are listed on our website. You can stop in for a tour any time! You can give us a call at 402-515-9639 to schedule your lessons today or look online for times and an array instruments to choose from! Even if you’ve stopped music for a long time, lessons are a great thing to come back to when you’re feeling stressed or just need a little me-time! Omaha School of Music and Dance has exactly what you need!

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