Piano Lessons: They Help Your Brain Function!

When you think of taking piano lessons and the benefits of it, you may instantly think of benefits like learning new songs, learning more about music and learning how to actually play the piano, but what most people do not think about is that learning how to play the piano can help improve your brain and how it functions!

Improves your memory

An important part of learning how to play the piano is remembering your music and memorizing the notes you need to play in order to correctly play the song. By taking piano lessons, you work out the part of your brain that deals with memory.

Improves the brain’s counting and math skills

There have been many scientific studies that have shown that people who learn how to play a musical instrument also have higher math skills than those who don’t. Especially for piano students who are still in elementary, middle and high school, this mathematical benefit is great to have!

Increases your concentration

To play the piano correctly and to play the songs right, you need to be able to have a good amount of focus and concentration. Playing the piano will train your brain and focus on one, or multiple, things at a time and will give it a good workout in this area.

A great source of creativity

Taking piano lessons and learning a bunch of new songs and music on the instrument is a great way for you to let your creative juices flow. Even if you are just playing random keys and making up your own songs, playing the piano is a nice outlet for the creative side of your brain and will help you relax and give your brain a little break from everyday life.

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