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As summer begins to wind to an end you might be thinking about what new activities your kids can start now. After a fun-filled summer of softball and swimming lessons, it might be time to start something totally new and have your child try a musical instrument. Unlike sports that help your child develop gross motor skills (the big movements that help them kick a ball or ride a bike), playing an instrument helps kids develop fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are crucial for young brain development and learning music can add enrichment in anyone’s life!

At Omaha School of Music and Dance, we offer music lessons for any kind of instrument you can imagine! One of our most popular choices is piano classes. Any song you can think of can be played on the piano because it is such a diverse and flexible instrument. Our facility hires only qualified and skilled instructors to help amplify our student’s success and help them develop as a musician faster.

Because of the varying ages and skill levels at Omaha School of Music and Dance offers several different options for those interested in taking piano classes. For kids between the ages of 18 months and 5, we offer a class called Music Fun Time. This class helps our youngest students learn the basics of music theory and get some hands-on experience playing instruments, including the piano. For slightly older students who want to try the piano classes for the very first time and get some experience, our school offers group lessons that are a great way to get started playing! Finally, we offer private lessons for those that feel like they need more intense one on one instruction. No matter what your musical needs are Omaha School of Music is here to meet your needs!

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