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Person singing | Why take voice lessons | OSMD
Music Lessons

Why Take Voice Lessons?

Why take voice lessons?  Here at Omaha School of Music and  Dance we have so many options for music lessons! From piano and saxophone to guitar and drums, we even…
Why take guitar lessons | OSMD
Music Lessons

Why take guitar lessons?

Why take guitar lessons? Out of all the stringed instruments, what makes the guitar unique? One reason is that there are a lot of different types of this instrument.  As…
String and Violin Lessons at OSMD
Music Lessons

Violin Lessons at OSMD

Why consider violin lessons? There are so many different reasons why it might be a perfect fit for you or your student. Learning a new instrument is a fun and…
Ballet lessons at OSMD
Dance Classes

Ballet Lessons at OSMD

Have you ever wanted to take ballet lessons, but didn’t know where to start? Well at Omaha School of Music & Dance we are more than happy to help you…
Voice and Singing Lessons at OSMD
Music Lessons

Voice Lessons at OSMD

There are many different and exciting instruments to learn, but are you taking advantage of the one instrument you always carry with you? I am talking about your voice of…

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