On Pointe – When is Your Ballerina Ready?

What most people consider to be ballet is a collection of the pretty tutus, the ribbon laces of ballet shoes, and strong and beautiful ballerinas up on their very tip-toes prancing and twirling gracefully. This is pointe technique – a classical ballet technique that contains pointe work, where a ballerina supports all of his or her weight onto the tips of their fully extended foot. This kind of technique must be performed in pointe shoes, which are reinforced to distribute the dancer’s weight throughout the foot rather than on just the toes! The pointe technique was created for the desire for ballerinas to appear as though they are weightless and floating on the stage or the dance floor. Men and women can both practice en-pointe technique, but it is more commonly used in female lessons and for female dancers. But when should ballerinas start pointe? How do we know when our kids are ready to do so? Here’s a guide on how to know when your little ballerina is ready to start pointe technique!

The right age for starting en-pointe technique is debated, however, many experts believe that the right time is around 9 to 10 years old – but many teachers are aware of their student’s ability over their age and could even start earlier! Since the pointe technique relies so heavily on the ability and the strength of the foot, it is recommended that some children even start around age 11 because this is when the foot is fully grown and fully developed. Once the foot is done growing, ballet students will be able to start their journey into pointe work.

Learning pointe technique is a long and difficult journey for any student – but if they put in the work and determination, your ballerina will be a pointe master! If your little one is looking into starting out pointe, you must make sure that they have been in a ballet class for long enough to achieve the proper form, strength, and alignment that a ballerina needs to carry on with en-pointe technique. They can start right here at Omaha School of Music and Dance with our many ballet classes at the days and times that are right for you! Once enrolled, your child will be working on maintaining the proper flexibility and strength needed for pointe technique work throughout the week and once they are old enough or able enough will start learning to transition into en-pointe technique by moving up in classes.

Being physically ready for pointe work is imperative to a student’s ability to perform it. They will be ready when their teacher has determined that the ballerina knows all the basic ballet techniques and forms, like classic positions such as first, second, third, and so on, as well as when they are balanced and strong enough to continue onto a harder and more disciplined class like pointe ballet. This mastery will make pointe technique much easier to come by for a seasoned ballerina, but knowing the basics won’t be the only thing to get your child there. It is important that they are dedicated and willing to put in all the hard work it takes to become a successful ballerina – and here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, we have the right tools to bring you all the way to the tip-top!

We are dedicated to lifting up your ballerinas to new heights here at OSMD. We have many classes for any age either just starting out or a dancer who isn’t new to the scene. Ballet classes start for ages 3-5 and move on to 6-10. After this, we have our very own pre-pointe class which is reserved for ages 11 and up which teaches these ballerinas the basics of en-pointe technique. Once these have been mastered, we even have a full-on pointe class offered for very serious ballerinas looking to further their careers as a dancer. If you have any questions about how these ballet and pointe classes work, please give us a call! Our phone number is 402-515-9639 and we have all the answers for you! You can even stop by for a tour of our wonderful studio any time, without an appointment! We are located on the northwest corner of 144th and Dodge! We look forward to seeing you and your ballerinas!

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