The musical theatre class at the Omaha School of Music and Dance is designed to introduce students to the wonderful world of musical theatre!

The musical theatre class is aimed for ages 7 – teen, and occurs on Thursdays from 7:30-8:15pm.

During this class, students will cultivate valuable life skills, including teamwork, memorization and self-discipline. They will also learn about the business side of musical theatre, and what it takes to put on a show from backyards to Broadway.

Class Breakdown

Each month the class will focus on a particular show. They will discuss different aspects of the show including composer(s), actors, style, overall success, and how it affected musical theatre as a whole. They will learn a group number from each show, with the goal of creating a full length review, or showcase. When it comes time for OSMD’s recital, students will get to help select the piece that they think best represents their hard work and the class as a whole.


Here is what the Musical Theatre class is focusing on in the next few months:

August – Mary Poppins

September – RENT!

November – Les Miserables

December – Elf! The Musical

Audition Sections

During the months of January and July, instead of focusing on a show, the class will focus on auditions. Students will learn what to expect at auditions, and how to properly prepare. They will discuss appropriate attire and behavior, how to “slate” (introduce yourself), what makes a good headshot, and how to build a theatre resume. Students will work on cold readings, audition length dance combinations, and how to choose a good audition cut from a song. At the end of the audition sections, we will have mock auditions where students will get individual feedback and have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the audition process.


Since the class only meets for 45 minutes once a week, students are expected to practice at home. To help with practice, students are encouraged to bring a recording device (yes, cell phones work!) to record their vocal parts, and videos of the choreography will be made available to students online. Miss Megan is always happy to answer any questions that may arise while students are practicing at home, but she will not take away class time to reteach entire sections that were covered in previous classes.

We look forward to seeing you in musical theatre! Please visit Musical Theatre for more information.

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