Makeup for Picture Day and Recital Day

Figuring out what makeup to put on your child, especially if he/she is only 4 or 5, can be challenging. A common question that we hear is, “How should my child have his/her makeup for picture day and recital day?” There are two answers to this question. Makeup for picture day and recital day are not the same. However, we are going to walk you through how to do your child’s makeup for both days!

Before we discuss makeup for recital day, we must do picture day. For picture day, makeup is more neutral and subtle. For lips, a light-colored lip gloss is perfect. For eyeshadow, choose a color that brings out your daughter’s eyes, and add just a touch of mascara. Blush is not mandatory, but if you want to add blush you can; just make sure that it is not too bold. For boys, makeup is not necessary for picture day; but please read below for how to do your son’s makeup for recital day.

Some recital costumes require hair pieces. Whatever style you choose to do for your daughter’s hair, make sure that it holds the hair piece in tightly! Hairspray and bobby pins are your best friend for this! Hairstyles do not need to be fancy for pictures. Natural looks bring out your daughter’s style and personality. (Again, just make sure that any hair accessories stay in place.)

Now, the big day is here; it is recital day! As stated above, boys do require (some) makeup. Anyone who performs onstage must wear some makeup. Because of the stage lighting, people look pale and sickly from the audience – unless they wear makeup to bring out their facial features. For boys, just have a little bit of blush for cheekbones and jawlines, and some lipstick to bring out his natural lip color; colors and shades do not need to be extreme. It is to be done so that it brings out the natural features of the boy’s face.

Ah, yes, the girls! All the hair, glitter – oh, my! First, the hair needs to be unmovable. Again, hairspray and bobby pins are your best friend to keep the hair and hair accessories in place! (Always have extra hairspray and bobby pins on hand backstage.) With recital day, the hair needs to be fancy – tight curls, hair pulled back tightly, and glitter (for a few examples.) Ask your dance teacher if there is a requirement for the hair’s style. Sometimes the hair needs to be styled to match the costume/character for the dance.

Lastly, the recital makeup for girls. Have fun! Be bold! If she is performing onstage as a character, create the character. (ex. Cinderella = light blue eyeshadow) GLITTER is queen! Glitter for hair, skin, makeup – it’s all out there and girls love it. This is the one day when your little girl gets to be crazy with makeup! The eyeshadow usually compliments the costume color, but make it bold. Remember, when she is onstage she is difficult to see because of distance and the lighting. Put a bright blush on her, and make those lips pop! Cherry red is the common color for lipstick on recital day. Be bold!

Even with requirements from the teacher and the stage factors, you can still have fun with the hair and makeup. Be creative, bold, and expressive with the hair and makeup. That is the best way for you and your child to enjoy the recital.

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