Influential Guitarists in Omaha, NE

Omaha, Nebraska is such an amazing for musicians. This city/town/village/what have you is a prime spot for creative people to fully embrace their true self and there is no shortage of guitar players here. As we highlighted in an earlier blog about female guitarists in Omaha, you will be able to find someone shredding on an electric guitar in one part of town and right down the street you will be able to find someone strumming on an acoustic guitar in a coffee shop! If you or anyone you know is interested in guitar (listening or playing) keep reading!!

To start out, let me tell you about a little shop where you can get guitars! There is this place in the Blackstone District called Ground Floor Guitars. Seriously, check them out. They are a buy, sell, trade shop for all your guitar needs. It is locally owned, so you know it is a fun spot for all the musicians out there. Stop by and support local businesses while also flourishing your interest in guitars! Another place to check out would be JJ Guitar Repair. It is highly recommended by many guitar players around town. It is more than just a repair shop, it also sells other instruments! These shops have been approved by our very own guitar hero himself, Collin Smith!

Speaking of Collin Smith, he is one of the teachers here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, and he also plays guitar around town. Check out the Cosmic Smiths on YouTube to watch the magic that Collin creates with his guitar! He is literally a wizard with that instrument. He can play all types and styles, and he is so good about translating what he knows to other people’s minds around town. He is a busy bee, but if you ever wanted to learn how to become a guitar hero yourself, call the studio as soon as possible to see if we can fit you in Collin’s growing schedule so he can teach you all the tips and tricks of being a super cool guitar player.

To really experience all the fun and creative music that Omaha has to offer, one should really go out and explore live shows around town. We all know that most of the gigs are in not so kid-friendly buildings, but there are definitely shows in town that plays gigs at coffee shops (if you’re into a more acoustic, chill vibe) or there are shows at hotel event spaces. Plus, some places that are aimed more for adults allow younger kids to attend with parent guardians and what not! Spending a night on the town and listening to local music with the family is such a great way to spend the night! In the warmer months of the year, there are plenty of family-friendly outdoor events, too!

There are so many guitar players in this town, there is no way I could name all of them. Each one has a specific style, and even most of them have plenty of styles that they specialize in so there will never be a dull moment when trying to find someone who plays guitar! If you are interested in learning how to play, or you know someone that is interested, come to OSMD! We have plenty of guitar teachers that are just as talented as Collin that are also just as eager to teach you or your kid all that they know! Come take a tour of our studio and see for yourself just how amazing life of guitar can be! We cannot wait to start this exciting new chapter of life with you!

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