Center Stage – The Importance of Participating in a Music Recital

A music recital provides several valuable opportunities for participating students.

First, recitals give students a clearly defined long-term goal to work towards. For a music recital, students are asked to prepare a piece to demonstrate their abilities and progress to their family and friends in performance. The satisfaction and validation a student acquires from accomplishing their goal is a large component of music instruction.

Secondly, a student will gain exposure to numerous elements of music they might not otherwise receive. Student performers will represent a multitude of instruments available for study at OSMD. Musical compositions and styles beyond an individual student’s coursework will be performed. And a student will be able to witness the wide-ranging abilities of their peers’ performance. Valuable lessons can be gleaned simply by watching others, inspiring progress in a student’s own lessons.

Third, a recital is an opportunity for students to gain confidence through performance. Performance on stage is very different than going through exercises during practice. In a recital, there is no stopping for mistakes. New, young performers are given the additional stimuli of music, lights, and audience feedback. Sometimes challenges arise that are outside of the performer’s control. For example, technical difficulties might arise from microphones or lights, and the performer must make split-second decisions either to continue through the challenge or stop to adjust.

While some music students might shy away from the spotlight, others thrive onstage. Even if a child is nervous about performing, the studio recital is an important event for everyone to participate in. A student will likely experience some performance anxiety at first, but the OSMD’s music recital provides the perfect, safe environment to manage such stress. The more a young performer is challenged in this way, the better they can approach similar challenges in life. School presentations and talking to intimidating adults become easier, and large projects become another opportunity for personal achievement.

OSMD provides their music students the chance to perform in the Spring Semester Music Recital on May 13th, and dance students in the Dance Recital on June 10th. Discuss this performance opportunity with your child or student and watch for upcoming details! Even if your child doesn’t take the stage, we strongly encourage all studio members to come watch and support their peers in the Omaha School of Music Dance’s music recital.

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