Importance of Piano Lessons

Boots Spatial-Temporal Reasoning

Playing music triggers neural activity similar to what happens when we solve math problems, play chess, and/or work on engineering projects.

Makes Us Good Communicators

Playing music enhances our language and social skills. By being involved in musical groups, we learn important life skills, how to relate to others, working as a team, leadership skills, and discipline, and we appreciate the rewards that come from working together.

Music Upgrades Our Brain

According to a neuroscience journal after 15 months of musical training, students showed improvements in relevant motor and auditory skills.

Improved dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Reduces heart & respiratory rate.

Learning the piano increases concentration, patience, cognitive skills, social abilities and boost social skills.

Great for our Health

Improved aural awareness, whether you think you’re tone-deaf or have a musical ear. Playing helps you recognize tones, intervals, and chords. No matter your age playing the piano and taking lessons Improves the ability to hear background noise, can help fight dyslexia, and understand the sound patterns of different languages.

Increased Energy Levels

Increases human growth hormone prevents aches and pains, regulates body composition and fluids, muscle and bone growth, and helps to stabilize our sugar and fat metabolism.

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