The Power of Your Voice & How to Develop It

How to Prep for Singing Lessons

No matter how old you are, music is a valuable and unique skill to have. In fact, it’s never too late to pick up an instrument and learn its ins and outs to open up more opportunities and connections.

Your voice is also an instrument; with the proper care and attention, you can make even more powerful music to impact those listening. However, it isn’t easy, and not using the best techniques can adversely affect your vocals.

Here are some simple ways you can develop the power of your voice:

Record yourself for critique

Listening to your voice on a recording can be awkward or embarrassing, but doing so is essential for finding areas for improvement. It helps to have the right equipment to hear your voice recordings clearly. The human voice is one of the best instruments available to society, so investing in an excellent microphone can help capture your voice at its best. Try experimenting with different mic models that can record essential frequencies and tones while decreasing feedback or sensitivity to breathiness or intensity, depending on your singing style.

Designate a quiet space in your home for recording sessions to avoid excess noise. Consistently record yourself and write notes on specific details you should adjust or keep utilizing. While you rest your voice, you can listen to your recordings repeatedly so you continue to take notice of your vocal qualities, boosting your performance the next time you start practicing singing again.

Adhere to healthy habits

A healthy body is critical to developing and protecting your vocal power. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet is integral for taking care of your voice, as bad habits can put a strain on it or even lead to the development of diseases.

As much as possible, you should avoid smoking and second-hand smoke, hydrate frequently, decrease alcohol and caffeine intake, and get enough sleep to ensure your voice is preserved and rested. Eating foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables also keeps the mucus membranes in the throat healthy; on the other hand, spicy foods can move stomach acid into the throat and esophagus, causing heartburn or acid reflux. As long as you do what’s best for your body, your voice will benefit as well.

Focus on your breathing

Besides being a natural process, breathing is the foundation for building vocal health and power. Though you’ve probably learned from your vocal music instructor the basics of breathing correctly while you sing, practicing the art of focusing on your breathing on its own (AKA without actually singing) can strengthen your voice even further. Breathing exercises can improve your lungs’ efficiency and the functions of your diaphragm, so you can get rid of stale air and unnecessary strain on your body.

To harness more power from your breathing, try various exercises before singing. Pursed-lip breathing reduces the number of breaths you take and keeps the airways open longer, preventing physical fatigue from singing and increasing efficiency. To do this, inhale through your nose and exhale through pursed lips for twice as long. You can also breathe in for four counts, hold for another four, and do the same when you breathe out.

Honing your vocals is not always easy, and it’s often discouraging when you don’t experience the results right away. But with enough practice and care, you’ll soon notice the progress in your voice’s power.

Where can I find singing lessons near me?

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