How piano lessons can improve your life!

With all of the instruments out there for you to learn, why choose the piano and how piano lessons can improve your life? There are many reasons why you should become a master of the piano, from improving your concentration and focus to having more opportunities to get involved around Omaha, taking piano lessons is something you should add to your daily life.

Benefits of taking piano lessons

  • It improves your concentration and focus
    • The key to learning how to play the piano is concentration. You have to be able to use both hands at once to play different keys, which requires some good concentration. Another key part of mastering the piano is practicing. You have to be able to focus during your lesson and while practicing at home in order to become an expert piano player. Taking piano lessons will definitely improve your concentration and focusing abilities
  • Improves your hand-eye coordination
    • As stated before, to play the piano, you have to use both hands simultaneously, which requires some good hand-eye coordination. By practicing the piano, you will also be improving your coordination at the same time!
  • Provides opportunities and gets you involved
    • One of the many great benefits of taking piano lessons is that it can get you involved and provide some good opportunities you won’t want to miss. There are so many opportunities around Omaha that come with playing the piano, from playing in an orchestra during a play at a theatre like the Omaha Playhouse to accompanying a band that plays small gigs around the Metro. There are even some middle schools, high schools, and colleges that offer piano in their music classes!

There are so many more positive benefits that come with taking piano lessons, as an increase in your self-esteem and boosting your performance in academics!

What piano lessons do we offer at Omaha School of Music and Dance?

All of our piano teachers are university trained and experts in their field! They have all of the necessary knowledge and skills to make you a piano expert! We offer private 30, 45 and 60 minute piano lessons, as well as a group Intro to Piano class. If you have any other question about our piano lessons or if you want to get signed up you can do that in a few ways:

  • Give us a call at (402) 515-9639
  • Visit us in person, we are located right off of 144th and Dodge at 14505 California St. Omaha, ME 68154
  • Or you can visit our website OSMD!
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