Drum Lessons: How Drumming Makes Music Better

Drums are heard in all types of music all around the world. From classical to pop, percussion is key for all music. Not only are drums vital for teaching rhythm and bass, but they also offer many unique sounds and varieties of music styles. There are many different styles and types of percussion that can be used while playing music. From the bongos to the widely used classic drum set, the uses and benefits of drums in music are endless.

Not only do drums make the song or music sound better, but the benefits of learning the drums and incorporating them into your daily lives are also endless. The benefits include:

  • Increased confidence
    • By playing the drums your confidence in yourself and your abilities improves not only in the music world but academically and socially as well.
  • Improves your knowledge
    • By getting to know the drums and how to play them, your knowledge in music grows greatly. Not only do you increase your knowledge about the drums themselves, but also about all types of music and styles of drums.
  • Provide many opportunities
    • By playing the drums you can join many things all around Omaha. Many middle and high schools offer marching band and band classes that both have percussion sections in them. There are also many bands playing gigs around Omaha that have drums in them! Getting to know other people who share the same interests in you can improve your social network and get you involved in many other drum related groups or events.

Drumming is the key to all music. The drums provide rhythm, beat and other cool dynamics, like cymbals, to music. They bring many unique sounds to the table that enhance the sound of music and makes playing the drums interesting. With all of the various styles of drums available, you can get your hands on unique instruments you never thought of. There is a long list of all the different categories of drums you can learn including, but not limited to, acoustic, electronic, and marching band styles. All of these categories have an almost endless amount of drums you can play.

The drums offer many benefits when it comes to improving your skills and knowledge of music. Because the drums are like a foundation for all music and a lot of the different genres of music, like classical, rock and roll, pop, country and more, drums are heard everywhere and are a great instrument to learn how to play and gain knowledge of. Drums make music better because without the sound of the beat or rhythm, the song could sound flat or like it is missing something.

If you are playing an instrument by itself, like a violin, guitar, or a woodwind like clarinet, you may not need the beat or rhythm to make the song sound good, but when you are playing many instruments at the same time, like in a band, the drums are crucial for keeping all of the various instruments together and providing the important beat and rhythm of the music. Without the drums in a band, the song could sound empty and the instruments could start to trail off from one another, this is why the drums make music sound better, especially in a band setting.

There is a seemingly endless amount of instruments you can choose from to learn how to play. From woodwinds, strings and even band instruments, the decision can seem very stressful.  if you find yourself at a crossroads when trying to pick out an instrument to get your hands on, the drums are the perfect place to start. Laying the foundation down for you while beginning your musical career as a student, the drums offer that basic information.

Not only do you really learn the importance of rhythm and beat, but you also learn and improve your talent for playing more than one thing at once. Playing the drums requires you to use both hands at once while keeping a beat with your foot.  This improves your hand-eye coordination and helps you if you try out another instrument in the future.

Drums make music better in many ways and have benefits that improve a lot of areas in your life. By laying the foundation of music with rhythm and beat, and providing great knowledge of music all around, there are many ways that drums make music better and make learning music fun!

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