How does Music move you?

Music is something that has been around and a part of millions of lives for so long. It is easy to create music – but how do you like to create music, and how do you let it move you? Here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, we can help you map out your true musical style – whether that is vocal or instrumental. Below you can tune in to the ways that Music, in general, can benefit you as a person and a growing musician.

Music has such a wide variety as far as voice range, musical instruments, tempo, genres, and style. Choosing the best fit for you comes from your inner self! We truly look forward to getting to know each and every one of our students so that we can help them grow as an individual. At OSMD we take the time to put together teacher bios so that you can explore our pick of teachers in order to find the one that will vibe the best with you. All of our instructors are trained professionals who really love music. Music is something that you can choose to dive into based on your mood or the season you are working through in life.

Have you ever heard of Music Therapy? It’s a real concept! Music can instantly touch your heart and soul. We connect so easily to music because we are able to relate. Genres like classical, rock, country, and hip-hop have opened people up in so many ways because we can connect to them on a different daily basis. If you are going through a rough patch, you may want to listen to music with a loud upbeat temp – or you could do the exact opposite and go with a more mellow and calm tempo. Music allows us to pick and choose in order to see our way through the dark and light in our lives. Taking music lessons at OSMD will give you the opportunity to learn ways that you can use your own musical talents to offer your very own music therapy – here at the school or from the comfort of your very own home. Our instructors will work with you on finding your balance.

In many households or public functions, when there is a celebration – you will typically hear music playing in the background. Music is known for bringing folks together. Music has a way of speaking to you through all of its forms: tempo, vocals, instruments, and volume. Music has a way of amplifying any mood. If you are someone who anticipates performing in public, our instructors would be great at helping you reach your goals. Many of our instructors perform in public and would be more than happy to help you grow as a performer. We want to see all of our students succeed in any and all of their musical goals! OSMD looks forward to having you join our growing family.

Omaha School of Music and Dance is conveniently located at 14505 California Street in Omaha, NE! Stop on by or give us a call – 402-515-9639.

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