How to Help Young Students Learn Guitar

It can be difficult to teach young students how to play the guitar without some helpful guidance from their parents as well as their teachers. By providing assistance during home practice time, parents can help keep their young students focused on their practice and ensure that they are getting the most out of their weekly guitar lessons. It is also important for parents to get their children excited about guitar so that they are motivated to continue on with guitar into the future.

During lessons:

To be prepared for lessons, every student should come with the proper materials that their teacher has required. Without an instrument or lesson books, the student is not getting much out of the lesson. Another key element of preparedness is practicing. Making sure the student has completed any assignments and has practiced enough is crucial to success.

After lessons:

After a student’s weekly lesson, it is helpful for parents to talk to their student on the car ride home or that night what they learned that day in the lesson, what songs they are working on, and what they need to practice that week. This will remind the students what they need to work on for the week and keep them accountable for their practicing.

At home:

At home, parents can help their students practice in a number of ways. The most important thing to recognize is practicing correctly. While it is great for students to put in practice time, that practice time that can be ineffective if the student works on something other than what their teacher has assigned to them for that week. Parents can check in on their students every now and then while they practice, just to make sure they are working on new assignments and making progress.

To get students excited about learning guitar, parents can point it out in the music they listen to. When the students notice the guitar in the music they listen to, they will be excited to keep learning so they can play the songs that they know and reach a higher skill level.

If a young student gets frustrated with learning the guitar, that’s completely normal. It can be hard to see slow progress while learning. Parents can help soothe their student’s concerns by reminding them that every skill takes some hard work. In the end, the payoff of being able to master a new instrument, like any skill, is worth it.

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